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Forget No Carbs Before Marbs! More Like "I Don't Wanna Be A Porker For Majorca!!


Any one who watches TOWIE will get that! hehe :) Hope everyones had a good weekend!

Well I started last week on calorie counting and aiming to stick to about 1200 calories a day. I lost 7lbs last week so I'm quite chuffed about that.

Now I just booked a holiday to Majorca! It's in 7 weeks time and im bricking it! I know that I'm not going to reach my goal weight in that time but It would be nice if I could fit into some pretty summer stuff and try and wear a tankini (not brave enough for a bikini yet) on the beach instead of my swimming dress I wore in January when I went to Tenerife with my boyfriend. All I remember from that holiday is how uncomfertable I felt and how I wish I did something sooner! So this is it! I'm taking action!

Any idea how I can shift 2 stone fast? Lol..

Nah seriously, How much do you think I could lose in that time? Xx

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Lol I felt well clever when I thought of that! Yeh I love it! It is rubbish but im addicted! Plus it spurs me on seeing all those skinny girls on there! One day I will be like that!

Ah cool that sounds good to me! Im just going to exercise loads and really concentrate on my food!

Cheers for writing back xx


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Well done with your loss so far. Depending on your BMI, 0.5-2lbs a week is reasonable and healthy. If you lose much more (unless you're very overweight) you aren't losing fat, you're losing muscle / water - the former of which is directly linked to your metabolism. The reason a lot of people on "quick fix" diets (where you lose a lot of weight every week - e.g. something like cabbage soup diet) gain it all back is because loss of lean muscle tissue effectively slows your metabolism and then you struggle to keep it off when returning to a relatively normal diet. This is why losing weight "fast" is generally not recommended (although who wouldn't want to lose weight fast if they could!!).

Not to sound harsh or nosey or anything, but I see that your goal is 112lbs - that's quite a low goal for your height (and will be quite difficult to maintain). Is there any particular reason you've picked that weight? Good luck with your weight loss and target !
Cheers for replying ~:)

Lol I ment 9stone. Im not too clever with lbs and kgs, maths was never my strong point :( I am quite heavy. So I think thats why its coming off pretty quickly at the start.

Im trying to eat sensibly I'm eating 1200 calories a day and altho that sounds really low I am surviving on that and haven't really been hungry in the past week and plus im unemployed atm so I was just comfort eating which is why I gained so much (3stone in 9 months) and I don't really use much energy because Im sat at home online looking for jobs or watching telly. I have tried vlcd's and "quick fixes" in the past and I always end up miserable or failing so I just don't bother.

I have set a goalloss of 2 stone. I think its achievable if I keep to my good food choices and exercise (just dance on the wii & magic leg trainer) every day.



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No worries - glad you didn't take it the wrong way! 9 stone is good and healthy for your height (9 stone = 126lbs), and I didn't mean that 7lbs was excessive this week so don't worry about that! As it's your first week which means you'll lose quite a bit of water and have a big loss (yay). So don't worry about that - I just meant that losing a lot week after week is usually not very healthy because then you'd have to be losing muscle along with fat.

1200 calories a day is fine, it's the minimum for women though so just make sure you don't go under, or if you're exercising, try to eat at least some of those calories back :) It's so hard when you're unemployed to get stuck in a funk, especially being at home (with food!) all day- I gained most of my weight last year in my unemployed period in Autumn/Winter. It can also be very depressing (which I find makes me eat!) so well done to you for staying positive and making a change for your health despite crappy circumstances!

If you haven't already, you should join myfitnesspal.com, it helps you keep track of your nutrients too, which is especially important on a fairly low amount of calories - you want to pack as many good nutrients into those 1200 calories as possible!

Best of luck again with your losses and finding a new job ^^
Cheers Hun!! :)

I'm really worried about my niece now! Seen her today (shes 17) and she looks so thin. She told me shes on a new diet of 3 bowls of cereal (coco pops or ready brek) a day and a bit of fruit in the evening! I'm so worried about her I said it's not healthy but she won't listen. I worked it out she must only be getting about 700 calories a day?? What should I do? x


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That's really unhealthy - not only because she's on such low calories but because the calories she is consuming are pretty much junk and processed sugar - there's like, no nutrition there at all (apart from sugary carbs and a bit of protein from her milk and she'll be very deficient in her vitamins and minerals).

I'm not sure what to advise, you can only try talking to her and tell her that it's unhealthy and why (the thing that tends to freak out teenage girls is the prospect of hair loss!), and if she's not going to listen and as you said continues getting very thin, then you should definitely bring it up with her parents if you haven't already. Hopefully it's just a silly teenage faddy diet and she'll be back to normal soon :)
Yeh too right! Bloody 91210 or what ever its called! Thats what I blame! My niece is obsessed with that programme and shes adiment that shes gonna lose weight and get down to a 6? Shes already a size 10, very slim and a beautiful flat tummy I really don't think she needs to be any smalled but apparently she has "PODGE!" Shes taking multivitamins which im worried about too because apparently she got them off the internet and she was going on about them stopping her hunger?! I am going to try and tempt her with her faviourite meal tomorrow of home made lasagne and prey she gives in even if it means having to go another day of ruiening my diet! :(

Hope you have had a good day xx


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Yep, that's one way you can help, by serving meals you know are nutritious that she can't say no to ;)

The girls on that show are SO small ><

I'd also be very wary of these "multivitamins" - they sound she's possibly ordered appetite suppressants that some shady company is passing off as vitamins - although you *can* buy normal vitamins online, you can also buy a lot of not-so-safe things too, so try to take a peek at them if you can. Slimming tablets can be really nasty things if not prescribed!

Good luck with the lasagne, I'm sure you won't ruin your own diet!

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