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forgot how to shop :(

Don't you think its amazing that when you are overweight you spend all your life looking and wishing that you could go into "normal" shops to buy your clothes - well I did, timidly walking past places like topshop and river island as I approached Evans.

Well for once in my life I have been invited to a million and one xmas parties and I almost feel sadder than ever..

I have completely forgot how to shop. I go into these shop I once dreamed of going in and now that I can - I don't have a clue what im doing. I can buy baggy pants and big t-shirts but I can't buy a dress:( I don't even know where to start :cry:

So I thought the best place to come for advice was from the fountain of knowledge (you lot)..

What do you wear to a fire and ice themed party? Im 31 so I don't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb lol

Any ideas or advice would gratefully appreciated

nikki xx
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Oh hun, I so know what you mean I felt so bewildered when I first started discovering shops again. The secret I found was just to try on anything I liked the look of - as I didn't know what would suit me this was the only way to find out, I was often surprised!

Fire and Ice - the obvious choices would be something either red or silver, I would say nothing too formal but more flirty cocktail style... any excuse I will have a mooch about for ideas!!

Monsoon had a gorge red dress- cross over at top and sinched in at waist with full skirt- vv nice and flattering! Enjoy x
Here's the dress - and it is on offer!!
Great minds think alike, I loved that one too. Also saw this one which is a bit slinky ..

Wow! If that Oli one isn't a great example of something looking better on than off I don't know what is!

Re the first post, I know exactly what you mean - the choice is bewildering! As you say, being confined to Evans for several years completely limits choice and now I don't know where to start! I'd love a slinky dress, but still have major issues with my upper arms so will need a shrug or something with sleeves!
love them all but that oli dress is amazing - do they have shops where u can try them on?
They are mail order only but I have ordered from them and delivery is fast and no hassle return, go on, you know you wanna!

nice - just watched the video

what are the sizes like hun? because im ranging from a 12 in peacocks to 14 in m&s ?

nikki xx
Sizes tend to be generous if anything from my experience, perhaps try the 12 as it should be clingy!



Trying to stay positive..
i always loved shopping! i spend all my free time in stores looking for clothes! i should seriously start attending Shopaholics Anonymous meetings:) if i don't stop soon, i'll have serious money issues... Btw- i bought 3 gorgeous bras at la senza today, i adore them!:)
I know what you mean about forgetting how to shop - went into TopShop yesterday - was really disappointed - everything fit - but I thought they were all too young!!!!! AAARRRGGHHH!!
lol look what i just found - i love this a bit off theme and young but i love it ...
just looked at the bras wow get u izmirka xx fabulous x
I'm a little in the same boat. So used to cover-up clothes and blending into the background I don't have a clue how to dress up. I can do smart casuals but not party stuff. What I do remember is that in the woman's wear department in Debenham's on Oxford St, you can book a personal shopper for free. She will go round the store with you and pick things out and give you her opinion when you try things on etc.

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