former weathergirl wants to get back in shape


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hiya out there!

first, before anyone wonders about my sometimes "strange" wording: i'm originally from germany. so please forgive any language mistakes i make. ;)

i'm here to look for some inspiration and help in losing the hated overweight. it's not that much, i'm not a obese or something. but it's much more than ever before, and my body fat is way too high.
i think i'm approx. 160 lbs (72 kg) now, my goal weight (which i used to have some time ago) would be 128 lbs. the funny thing is, i used to be quite svelte all of my life and never had to worry about my weight. but since being in my current relationship i gained more and more weight. unfortunately, i love carbs (potatoes, pasta, bread) - so it's gonna be hard. i've tried several times, but always failed.
but i MUST MUST MUST get used to do more sports. i'm so not in shape.
i even bought a fitness dvd - and yes, it's clare nasir's bootcamp (weathergirl advice might be good for me, hahaha).

so, hello out there - any advice and challenges welcome! ;-)
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I'm new here too :) Good luck on your weight-loss journey. Are you following any particular plan?


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i thought about different plans/programs several times, like weight watchers etc. - but i'm not good with regular appointments, schedules and stuff. so i think i'll do it on my own.
what would really help me is a friend living nearby who goes to the gym with me - someone to kick my butt. but no one in sight.

so i'll try to eat healthier, more fruits and vegs, most of all LESS carbs, do regular exercise.
tried that very often. always failed after 1 or 2 weeks. :-(
Hi, I am new here too so just wanted to say hello and wish you luck this time round :)

I was actually born in Rinteln in Germany and have lived in Bielefeld, Herford and Munster too ;)


S: 11st4lb C: 11st4lb G: 9st1lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thank you so much! i really need all the support i can get - someone to kick my butt. :sigh:

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