Forty next week !*!

Sarah Lou

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Sorry for this to be all about me!! but.. next Tuesday I will be forty, I have a themed party booked for the Sat with family and friends. I have a dress etc etc but today I felt so awful because I joined LL in October to look fab for my do but I did not get on with the counsellor etc.. and there seemed like a massive competition every week I did not have massive losses due to medication.. I am now thinking of god what will I look like and thats hard for someone who just wanted to look fit fab and forty.. any thoughts how to deal with it x :(
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Oh hunnie, ive no advice. just go to party and have a fab time. then stick to cd like glue and buy a fab dress for you 41st birthday and wow everyone ;) :hug99:

Sarah Lou

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A thought...

I could buy a new dress in the summer and have a 40 and a half party.... I do have a beautiful dress from monsoon I just wanted to be very gorgeous x


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Hi Sarah Lou, I was 40 last year and it does 'do' something to you lol I was terrified and made up my mind to lose weight for my 41st year :)

What I have discovered is that while lots of friends and family are incredibly supportive, they love me for me and my weight mattered not one jot..

Do it this year for YOU and as Becky said, go and have a fab time.

Plus if you stick to CD this week you'll be a few pounds lighter by your party :)

Have a wonderful time and here's to a great 40th year xxx


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I was 40 last summer and lost nearly 3 and half stone for it. I felt so so much better within myself, my outlook, my confidence etc. I have found it quite a milestone being 40 but i had a theme party which was such a good day (started at 2pm and last one went home at 4am!) and what i want to say is that your family and friends will want you to be happy and enjoy your day regardless how you look and i'm sure they will all support you to have the best time possible.
I've put on a few pounds over Christmas but this is another year of 40ths for us to go to so going back to see CD on Wed to get started again. I hope i can make myself think i am starting again for the first time.
Have a fabbie birthday.

Percy greenfingers

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Hi There, I was 40 the year before last and am a twin. I lost 4 stone ish for the party, twin didn't. We had a cowboy/indian and Mexican bandit party at a local hotel and had a marvelous time. My twin was a bit grumpy as I went Chorus line and she went cowboy, but I can honestly say we both had a fantastic time, we are both different people, we both danced all night and we both looked fab (radiant and happy) in the photo's.
Have a good one....

Sarah Lou

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Thank you for all sending me such good wishes, I will let you all know how its goes... I am having a hollywood red carpet so its glitz and glam.. I have also received some acceptance cards from colleagues I used to work with! so what the heck its my night... a few glasses of water and I will get in the swing of it! :8855:


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I just wanted to say that not one person who goes to your party will be there to see your weight loss. They will be there for YOU regardless of what size you are. The only person who will be effected by not losing the weight is YOU so remember that and ENJOY yourself with the people who care for you. Put your best dress dress on, do your hair, nails and make up and party on. Dont remember your birthday for anything other than the fab time you will have.

Have a great party and Happy 40th Birthday. xx