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Fraggles Exante Diary


I'm new to this forum and I'm starting Exante today. I've tried loads of different diets before but I figure its time for an all or nothing approach.

I'm currently a size 20 which is down from my biggest of a 24/26 which is good but not good enough. I'm hoping to get down to a 12/14 by Christmas.

Had my first shake last night which was Vanilla - very yummy and then I have had a Banana this morning and I'm just tucking into the Strawberry. I am pleasently suprised that I like all three. Usually I can't stand banana flavourings but this was quite subtle.

So far I feel fine but I know I will struggle drinking enough water.... Does anyone know if I can have things like peppermint tea???

Start weight 247.5lbs
Goal weight 187lbs
To lose 60.5lbs

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Figured I'd set up a ticker too.....



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hi yes your allowed all leaf teas ie green tea, nettle, peppermint just not the fruit ones. i think some people make a nice choc mint shake by leaving a peppermint teabag in hot water leaving to cool then add the chocolate pack havnt tried it myself but sounds nice. good luck on your first week youll soon be in ketosis and things will get easier.
Hi and welcome :)

As mentioned you are allowed peppermint tea, I've not tried it mixed with chocolate though, might have to give that a go sometime.

Good luck!
Hello Fraggle, good luck with your first week, you have done so well already. Are you just sticking to just the milk-shakes or having soups & bars as well?
Thanks having tea was a life saver yesterday.
Well I survived day one and so far feel fine. I did keep finding myself nearly eating something without even thinking about it -probably how I got in this mess in the first place.

I have the soups and bars too. I had the Thai chicken last night which was ok but I'm not a big fan of creamy soups. Going to avoid the bars to start with in the hopes I'll get into ketosis quicker.

Actually feeling pretty positive this morning however last night I did threaten to eat my OH :p

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Well done for day 1. How has day 2 gone? Hopefully ok and your OH has not been consumed?
Day 2

Day 2 went ok thanks.....

I managed to survive sitting through OH and a friend eating curry in the pub which was hard (he's so supportive :rolleyes:) but I feel fine - no headaches or stomach gurggles so far.
Loving all the shakes mmmmmmm yummy.
Sneaked on the scales - I know I shouldn't but I like to know the hardship is actually worth it. Already lost over 4 pounds which is great for 2 days.

Feeling pretty positive during the day - don't really think about food but I find as soon as I leave work in the evening I think of nothing else. I think its out of habit rather than hunger.

Hmmmmm - not liking the Tomato soup too much. Had to go out and buy myself some new clothes to cheer myself up after that one (any excuse). They were doing two pairs of jeans for £25 with 20% off in Dorothy Perkins so have bought myself one size 18 and one size 16 to motivate myself.


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Well done on keeping strong so far.
That is an awesome idea with the dp jeans. I'm itching to go shopping but kept telling myself to wait till I've lost more weight. I may have to go and find something georgeous a few sizes down!

Anyway best of luck with the weight loss journey,
I ended up having 4 packs yesterday cos I was seriously wavering. I know it was just because it was a Friday night and I was bored rather than going out for dinner. I soooo wanted to order Indian food by the end of the night so had another pack to stop the gurgling stomach and the went to bed.
Hopefully this whole willpower thing will get easier.
Surprisingly Fraggle it does get easier, you start wanting to keep the losses and that is a bigger motivation than the food. Stick with it and you'll do great!
Well done for resisting Fraggle, 4 meals are ok now & then & is a whole lot better than caving in. Great idea on the 2 pairs of jeans as well - I was going to go shopping this weekend but may leave it now for a couple of weeks as I am starting a new job then (& will hopefully not be over worked & under paid any more ... hence owup).

Ref tomato? soup - my least favorite as well - try either going down the spicy rod or herby - I have added dill which seemed to help - and I make mine a bit thinner so it is not so pink & gloopy. I know its probably because the exante food does not have artificial colourings that it ends up so pale and pink instead of red - but it is quite off putting!
Hi all,

Well yesterday was a tough one first diwn the pub with friends for a pint - of water and then off to a friends for dinner. 10 people all eating chilli and drinking copious amounts of red wine. I still managed to stay strong - I think everyone was amazed. I'm a little cheesed off that I had 4 packs again but we were up very late.

I'm off diving this afternoon - hopefully I will have enough energy. I need to get some practice in before my holiday - 3 weeks and counting.....

Diving was bad - not due to the diet mind you. I did find myself very tired afterwards though. Maybe I should lay off until week 3.

Still feeling really good which I am surprised about. So long as I don't do anything too strenuous I feel much more awake than normal.

Also I can't help but sneak on the scales - definately makes it easier to stick to the diet seeing the pounds falling off. Nearly 8 pounds down and I'm only 5 days in. Very exciting. Not sure how long this rate of loss will continue though.

Fab start

Don't beat yourself up over having four packs - so much better than the alternative ;)


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