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Frankenfoods Vs Pure foods..discuss!

I can see where people are coming from saying to stay away from frankenfoods, but I am thinking, I have fallen by the wayside far too many times due to complete and utter boredom of bacon and eggs and if the "frankenfoods" will keep me on the straight and narrow is it worth it? This is a lifestyle choice and something I need to not get bored with after 2 weeks.

What is everyones thoughts on LC and SF foods. Does anyone use them? Do they affect anyone?

As the K Fairy has robbed me of my appetite (god love her) and I am at uni and working part time too I was thinking of using 2 atkins products for breakfast and lunch and with snacks and an evening meal. Would this work?
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I already gave a ramble on this but just to add to it:

They're not worth it to me (specifically the bars) because they slow my loss down and stall me. I can handle boredom if I'm getting good losses. I can't handle -any- diet where it becomes a habit to stay on track all week and then don't lose. That's why products with polyols aren't worth it to me. I do try other low 'carb type foods, but if I discover they're stalling me, they're gone.

Some people handle different law carb foods better than others, we're all individual. If they didn't cause me problems, I'd use them. I have to say 2 Atkins products a day, every day, seems extreme though, and goes against the principal of the diet to eat natural, unprocessed food.


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I have to say, I eat atkins bars. Cappuchino nut and chocolate chip (only 2 boots sell in packs of 5). I usually have one for breakfast at work, and occasionally, one later on with a cuppa.

They are expensive, but useful because I'm too lazy to make breakfast before work. And they curb my craving for a biscuit with my tea, or if I feel like snacking.

But, (and here comes the but) if I eat two a day, my stomach makes the worst gurgling noises and I feel really uncomfortable. And secondly, I only lose 1 or 2 lbs a week, which I am fairly confident is down to the bars.

However, I'm quite happy with that loss if it means I can have a quick breakfast at work and/or a snack with a cuppa.


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I have the odd Atkins bar and truly enjoy them. I am content to low-carb for the rest of my natural but would miss the occasional treat.
I think I'd rather move onto OWL if I was that bored, open up a few more food avenues.


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I have tried the shakes, which are 1-2 carbs each and a good snack filler. I also really love the Atkins endulge milk crispy choc bars - and luckily don't suffer any effects.

The majority of my diet is pretty clean and green, and it is nice to think I can have some chocolate too :)

I also really love the Josephs pitta bread, and have one most mornings with cheese and bacon, zapped at work - goes down very well with a soya latte :)
I agree with Lady. I think it's a bit like work - you spend most your time there but you need a bit of time off every now and then. 'Frankenfoods' are that time off! And better to spend your time off legally than an epic blowout on the naughty stuff.
ok so maybe limit the bars etc, but what about the pitas and things like that. I work and I am at uni so I am really quite short on time and I feel like I spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen making a mess lol I really struggle with breakfast aswell and thats where the bars would come in. I have to be out of my house for 6:30 some mornings and I dont get back in it until 9pm so the time I have to myself I dont want to be standing around in the kitchen!

I was thinking for a typical day..
B: Atkins bar/shake
s: pork crunch
l: chicken, bacon and salad lc wrap
s: veggies or cheese and ham rolls
d: chicken and vegetables

On days where I really dont want to eat I was thinking I could have a protein shake for lunch, a good quality whey one.

I think I need to invest in some recipe books!


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I make my pittas up the night before - half open them up, shove in a couple of rashers of bacon (I do them in the oven for 15 mins, lovely and crispy) and two slices of cheese, slice in half, shove in a tupperware container (lots of shoving going on here!) and that's breakfast sorted. 45 secs in the microwave, lovely!

I also make my lunch for the following day up as soon as I get home (excellent Vicky advice) - helps cut down time the next morning. My favs are - iceberg lettuce, cucumber and squirt of mayo; add tuna and egg; chicken pieces (fried in lemon oil mmm); lamb (maybe with some feta)...

Also love bacon strips (Tescos) crunched up with a couple of hardboiled eggs chopped up, iceberg, spinach, a drizzle of oil and some mayo - yummy!
I am dedicating today to finding some meal ideas so I dont have to use "frankenfoods" because if I am brutally honest if I have to eat bacon and eggs and some sort of meat and salad once more I might scream!


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Lab-Rat1986 said:
I am dedicating today to finding some meal ideas so I dont have to use "frankenfoods" because if I am brutally honest if I have to eat bacon and eggs and some sort of meat and salad once more I might scream!
How about having some quorn, or cauliflower and melted Philly for a cheese sauce. I'm not a big meat fan and often go 2 or 3 days on Atkins without eating it. Only have bacon maybe once a week...
I'm confused at the boredom comment, there is so much you can eat and yet stay clean and green, no FRANKENFOODS here, just go and read the allowed eating on induction bits, how could you get bored with all that choiced

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