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Frankie's Nonsensical Ramblings (or my weight loss diary)

Hi, I'm Frankie. I joined Slimming World briefly about 8 years ago when I was 17/18 with mild success, but sadly I was more interested in partying than slimming! So now after many years of attempting to slim solo, I've gone back to the one I know will work for me!

Starting weight: 267lbs
Current weight: 252lbs

In my first week (5th Jan) I lost 10 pounds:D and got my half stone sticky
2nd week -4 pounds:D Slimmer of the Week and 1 stone sticky 3rd week -1 pound and Slimmer of the month.

So so far so good I hear you say?!
Well today- the day before WI!- it was a friends birthday, so went to Harvester for lunch. Studied menu carefully and ordered the "Simply Chicken" (flame-grilled chicken breast, jacket potato and peas) no butter or sour cream on potato. Had a salad bowl to start, avoiding all the yummy potato salad/crouton temptations. Was feeling very virtuous watching friends tucking into cheese and bacon burgers and barbeque chicken stacks. Until I got home and tried to calculate syns without knowing portion size- first guess said 41 1/2 syns! Really desperately hoping that was wrong! I'm comforting myself with the fact that I genuinely have no idea of portions and I may have completely overestimated! Never mind- what's done is done.

On the plus side I have been to 2 Zumba classes this week (sooooo much more fun than I expected) and at least 2 hours dog-walking per day. Plus 2 days working at stables. That lot has to count for something right?:rolleyes:

So enough of that waffling, food diary for today:

Breaky: Hifi bar (HEb), Clementine
Snack: Clementine
Lunch: Harvester Simply Chicken:cry:
Dinner: Omelette (peppers, mushrooms, ham, onions, potato slices, 3 eggs cooked in fry light) and sweetcorn.

Thanks for reading, look forward to meeting you all.

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Hi Frankie, and welcome! Sounds like you've made great progress, I wouldn't worry too much about one meal, it's a live and learn process, I find!
Thanks Honey, I've calmed down a little now! I think it may be because it's the first time I've eaten out since joining SW and so so so desperate not to mess things up this time around!! Lot's riding on it- literally! One of my main goals is to lose enough to take up horse riding again!
Congratulations on your weight loss- I enjoy reading your diary, so many inspiring recipes!!

2 hours til WI! Really hope I'm not gonna pay for that Harvester too much! As long as I lose 1lb then I'll be into the 17's which will make me very smiley! :)

Had a lovely day of dog walking, in not so lovely weather, then playing with my pony!

Will update after WI!

Great WI night! 4lbs lighter, slimmer of the week and into the 17's :D. So pleased! My Harvester panic was obviously all for nothing! I am now having my post WI treat of a Kinder Bueno White :D which I am enjoying immensely!!

Am going to attempt to plan some meals for this week tonight and would like to get some made and frozen over the weekend. Also wondering if anyone had tried the cheesecake base made from Ginger Snaps and egg whites? Would like to attempt a lemon cheesecake, but thought that base may be a little hard!

Goals for this week:
Lose at least 2 lbs.
Complete my Urban workout DVD at least 4 times.
Try to have at least one evening meal including fish. (not the biggest fan, but it is good for you so......)

Thanks Jules :)

So, good day today, spent the morning mucking out which I'm pretty sure must count as body magic!

Off to the flicks tonight to see Black Swan which I think is going to scare the **** out of me!

Any tips for good cinema snacks?

Have attempted to make my own lemon cheesecakes today by shunting together several different SW recipes- if they're any good I'll post the recipe later.

Food diary for today:

Hifi bar (heB) + Satsuma


Ham, Chix, Biiiig salad and Clementine to follow

Muller light and mini babybel Light (1/3 HeA)

Chix leek and bacon hotpot with tons of courgettes, peas and carrots

Cinema snacks tonight:
Funsize choc buttons (4)
Muller light
Malteser funsize (5.5)

Total syns: 9.5

Have a great evening

Chicken Hotpot was lush so thought I'd post the recipe:

Serves 1;

Roughly chop 1/2 leek, 1/2 onion and soften gently in frylight.
When slightly cooked add sprinkle of garlic and paprika.
Cook for a minute or so and then add 5/6 sliced mushrooms.
When mushrooms have softened add 200g
When chix is sealed add 3 chopped rashers bacon (all fat removed obv)
While bacon is cooking make up 450ml (approx) of chicken stock, add to it 1/2 a pea sized amount of vegemite and a few drops of worcestershire sauce.
Pour over meat/veg mix to just about cover.
Simmer gently to reduce liquid until thickened to your preferred gravy consistency (!)
Pour into a pie dish and top with sliced cooked new potatoes, quick spray with frylight and pop into the oven at around 180' until potatoes are crispy!

Yummy with mountains of fresh veg!


Slimming World
For cinema snacks I like:

Can of no added sugar pop- fanta, sprite or lilt zero is good, or Asda do dead cheap no added sugar cloudy lemonade, shandy, dandelion and burdock etc.


Alpen lights

Fun size choc bars

Ok, the lemon cheesecakes were pretty good so heres what I did:
This makes enough for two ramekins at 7.25 syns each.

For the base:
Crush 5 Fox's Stem Ginger Crunch Crinkle Biscuits (12.5 syns)
Whisk 1 egg white until peaked, mix with crumbs a small amount at a time until moist but not soggy!
Divide mixture between ramekins and leave in fridge to set.

Mix 1 pot quark with 3 tbsp very low fat fromage frais
Add 1 level tsp lemon curd (1syn), 10/12 drops lemon essence and 1 tsp splenda granulated and whip mixture until thickened.

When bases have set, divide 1 level tsp lemon curd between the two and spread over biscuit bases. Add the cheese mixture on top and leave in fridge to set again.

Hope you like! Any improvements or adjustments, please let me know!

Hi all!

Good day today, as I've spent most of it working at the stables- hard work but I love it. Also managed to squeeze in a dog walk at lunch time and drove my lovely pony!

So food diary for today:

Breaky: Hifi bar(heB), satsuma.

Snack: Satsuma

Lunch: Tomato and Herb Mug shot,vanilla muller light, clementine

Snack: Ham slices

Tea: Lean Steak with garlic, pepper and worcester sauce, 1/2 pack mild cheese and broccoli Pasta N Sauce, lots of grilled veg (carrots, leeks, mushrooms, courgettes, peppers)

Haven't used syns or HEa yet, but will use some for pud later.

Hope everyone's having a good day :)


Hi Jane, thanks very much! Lemon Cheesecake was deeeelish Jules.

So bad day today (not SW-wise) went to show with the pony and despite a good start we messed up in the cones :-( still managed to come second, but cones is usually my strong point!

On a positive note, I took with me a mini- SW friendly picnic which was scrummy and syn-free :)

I made potato salad (new potatoes, fromage frais, mint + parsley)
Pasta Salad (pasta, ham, grilled courgettes, carrots, mushrooms, leeks, peppers and balsamic vinegar) boiled egg, mixed salad, muller light, clementines. I cheerfully ate mine whilst everyone else munched grey bacon sandwiches and huffed that mine looked far nicer!

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