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Frank's Weight Loss Diary

Hi everyone!

I'm new to the forum, and have come here because I thought it'd be fun for me to keep a little online record of my weight loss exploits, and also might be interesting for other people to see and get ideas etc! I can see there doesnt seem to be many blokes on the site, so thought that my diary could fill that niche ;)

A bit about me first:

I'm a 22 year old student coming to the end of my time at university (about time, too!). I've always been pretty big, but my weight does fluctuate quite significantly. When I'm at uni i usually pile on the pounds due to a diet of boozing, television and pizzas, and when I'm at home I usually lose quite a bit due to being more active i guess, and not eating as much pizzas!

In my third year at university I got up to 18 stone, because I was particularly inactive that year! Just as I finished the year my Mum had joined Slimming World and was making good progress on it. She taught me the ways of it and I got her to pick me up the food directory and any other bumpth i might be interested in looking at and I set off on my journey! I used to get her to get me a copy of magazines that had articles about men in them, obviously being more relevent to my goals.

I managed to lose just over 2 stone that summer in about 2-3 months, going down to 15'10. I was pretty happy with that! But I decided I wanted to carry on being an academic and went back to dodging taxes at university, where i once again indulged in way too many beers and pizzas, and I had now reached back to 18 stone! I kept trying to restart the diet, but someone would go to me after a couple of days: "Hey, lets go out and drink lots and probably get a kebab" and I would be like: "Good idea!".

So a week ago I started the diet again. A bit later I'll post a diary of my week just gone, a couple of recipes I rustled up (despite loving pizzas so much, I actually really enjoy cooking and am quite adventurous and know my way around the kitchen... or I like to think!).

It's also worth mentioning here that I am a very keen Rugby Player, and when I'm back home i engage in a lot of training, but at university i become nearly idle. I've kind of started my preseason training a bit late, but i really need to work on my fitness, so I'll also share some stuff about the exercise i've been doing. A couple of weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to take some of that Maximuscle stuff, so I've been drinking that twice a day too, but when I finish the tub I have i doubt i'll get some more.

Right that was a nice long introduction, and I'm sure you know enough about me. Hopefully it'll be a bit interesting and I'll try to make it a bit funny and light hearted. It might inspire some other people, as I'm sure it'll inspire me to carry on this time!!

My target: in 12 weeks time I'm going on holiday with 2 of my mates who are fairly athletic, so I dont want to be shown up by the pool haha! I'd say my target weight is between 14 and 15 stone, but to be honest i'd be happy to weigh around 16 stone in 12 weeks.
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Tonight marks the end of my first week. I've lost 4lbs. Probably would have been more but I went a bit mental this weekend when I had a friend come visit me and have been out for an indian buffet, and also a night on the booze which ended with a pizza! naughty!

I did red and green days this week, and really did not find myself eating that much throughout the whole week. I'm moving out of my student house in about 3 weeks so me and my housemate are trying to get through all the stuff that has accumulated in our freezer. We've split it into two and i've let him have all the crap (how nice of me!) and i've somehow negotiated all the lean meat and fish!

The most interesting dish i rustled up was a spinach and riccotta cannelloi which was worth 3.5 syns coz' i cheated a bit by using a packet mix for the cheese sauce over the top... otherwise I probably could have got that down to free. The riccotta counted as a healthy extra, and it actually made enough food for about 2 people. I also knocked up a lamb casserole for me and my housemate using some lamb we found stuffed in the back of our freezer. Trimmed the fat off that and gave us a treat. Afterall... his diet consists of readymeals, biscuits.. and what he refers to as a salad... which is usually some pasta in mayonaise!!

Twice this week, I have developed a craving for pizza. I think i've worked out what i'm actually craving is cheese (i love it!), so i've been fighting off those cravings by having a couple of laughing cow extra light slices when i feel an urge!

Worked hard in the gym aswell this week but I wont bore you with that stuff! I'm hoping my gym work will give me a leaner appearance quicker. My legs are already very lean its just the rest of me that needs to drop the weight! especially my belly, chest and face!

So far I'm pleased this week. If I could have a bit of willpower and not drink when i went out (i tried not too... but really fancied a guiness!) I would have done even better.


Trying again!!!
Well done on your loss Frank, that's a great result! I've started working out too, it definately helps. Good luck for the week ahead, looking forward to hearing how you get on xx

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