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Freaked out this evening!!

Hi all,

Thanks for all your replies!

Well today was day 4, and i really felt so much better than yesterday.....i went swimming with my daughter......went for a long walk with her and took a picnic with us (for her of course!).
I felt totally fine.....rather surprised in fact considering i was ready to call 999 yesterday!!

Then.....this evening for some reason, i had a major panic attack!! I don't know what started it, i think maybe i was worrying i hadn't had enough water as all of a sudden my tongue felt like the back door carpet and my head was swimming, felt hot and dizzy and thought i was dying again!!! I was asking myself why i am doing this to myself?? Is it really neccassary??? I thought i was mad for doing it!!

(By that time in the day i had probably got through going on 3 litres of water)

Anyway.....its passed and i am feeling absolutely fine again! (kinda).

Oh, and whilst i was freaking out, hyperventilating, shaking and ready to faint, i ate 1 slice of low fat ham.......for some reason this calmed me??? I knew ham didn't have any carbs in, so do you think its going to hurt at all??

I havent had a panic attack in years.....do you think the chemical effect this diet is having on my body maybe could of caused it?? Or is it just me being over weird about the whole water thing?

I wish i wish i wish my hubby was here!! Home next Tuesday for 17 days.....yipeeeee!!

Anyway, hope you are all doing great!

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That really doesn't sound right. Maybe you should have a chat with your GP?
Morning Sarah Jane, I went through a similar experience on days 4 and 5 of LT. Is there any medical reason for you not to do LT? ie, have you told the pharmacist absolutely everything that could contraindict you doing it? If so, then I cant see there would be any reason for the products to cause a panic attack. Its more likely to be a mental reaction to what you think is going to be extreme deprivation! What caused your previous panic attacks? See if you can find a link between those and last nights.

How are you feeling today?

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