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FREE food ......

I did slimming world for a few weeks last year and lost about four pounds a week which I was really pleased with. I then got migraines which I used to suffer from but hadnt for years and blamed it on the amount of dairy I was eating on slimming world (was filling up on mullerlight and having my HEA of cheese everyday). My migraines are really bad, my vision goes funny and im usually sick and they last a couple of days. This put me off doing slimming world and the weight I lost inevitably came back on. I've got to the point now where I really have to lose weight and want to give slimming world another try, question one is, what else FREE can I fill up on rather than the yogurts? I'm already eating lots of fruit but I love my food and if I cant "graze" all day I start to feel like i'm restricting myself and start craving biccies and cakes!! I tried making the fat free sponge cake but although it smelt delicious when cooking I thought it tasted absolutely awful!!!

Does anyone else have this problem? :sigh:
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I had a lot of headaches when I started SW and too put it down to the yogurts but for a different reason than you.For me it was the amount of sweetner I was consuming that was giving my really bad headaches.Aspartemen is in so many products and I was eating at least 4 yogurts a day . I switched to natural yogurt and add fruit to sweeten and do not suffer with the headaches.Dont know if you consume a lot of sweet foods but it is diet drinks,cordials,peas,bread,sauces,beans,diet foods,etc.Good luck hope you find something that works.


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it really depends on what day you are doing, im not a great lover of yogurts so on a red day i will snack on slices of ham with cucumber and pickles, at least you know what sets your migraines off so you will be able to avoid to much of that food, basically as i understand it you can snack on any free foods depending on which day you are on
hope this makes some kind of sense
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On red days you can have fruit, veg and lean meats. On green days fruit, veg and carbs like rice, pasta, potatoes and pulses. On Extra easy all free foods. I would suggest you use your HEX A on non dairy milk like soya and snack on fruit and veg sticks or home made veg soup, fill up on large portions at meal times so you don't need to graze as much.


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Hi Mistymoo :)

I too used to suffer from terrible migraines like yourself, however, I have found that they have reduced dramatically since starting SW....in fact I can't remember the last time I had them!

I'm sure you've considered your triggers before, but do you drink enough water? I have found that my triggers are not enough water and strangely enough too many carbs filling me!

K xx
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I do green days only as I'm veggie. I like to make a big pan of pasta once a week and leave that in the fridge for snacking on. Or cooked new potatoes. Or Hard boiled eggs.

For sweet things, I eat bananas like they are going out of fashion! Sugar free jelly is very very low in syns. Or have dried fruit as your HEB?




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I'm the same as you indieflower, i used to get quite a lot of bad headaches, but since starting slimming world i think i've had a headache once, must of been all the crap i was eating before lol! x


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Hard boiled eggs or SW quiche on any plan, ham or chicken on red are my fav snacks


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I love jacket potatoes and beans. yum. Jacket

Andy R.

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this is how i make quiche, probably other ways too.
1 tub of low fat cottage cheese,
3 eggs
whisk it all together.
then add the veg of your choice, i usually go for onions, pepper and mushroom. i gently fry them first too make them softer.
mix it all together then put in the oven for 30mins
really easy to make and all free food.
on a red day i put in ham and bacon for even more flavour
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Hard boiled eggs or SW quiche on any plan, ham or chicken on red are my fav snacks
Ooh yeah I like doing that too cooked chicken breast is the nicest thing to snack on.

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