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Free Green brekkie ideas please!


I ate my willpower!
Hi All

Does anyone have any nice suggestions for a free green breakfast? I was thinking of quorn sausages with mushrooms, scrambled egg and beans but wondering what other people have for breakfast on green. I want to save my HEB's for lunch and dinner!
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You already do my suggestion :) I go for quorn sausages, tomato, eggs, mushrooms and beans.

The only other thing I could suggest is maybe fruit with yogurt although I never find that filling enough.


I ate my willpower!
Fruit for brekkie just doesn't seem like a proper breakfast does it! I think I am going to go with my inital thoughts as I am getting really hungry now!


I ate my willpower!
I am not a great fruit lover which is probably why I don't like the idea of fruit for brekkie. I used to like smoothies but they are a Syn with SW
I love fruit and yogurt!! I have melon,raspberries,strawberries,banana and apple and I find it really filling.
That's a snack for me :D

I've always snacked on loads of fruit so psycologically my brain probably can't handle fruit as a main meal.

I had another thought, what about a spanish omelette? Eggs, potato, peppers (I'm sure there is other stuff I don't have a recipe to hand.)
Mexican Eggs - cook some onion, pepper, garlic, chili in FryLight, add some tinned tomatoes and some tinned beans of your choice - pinto or black beans are my faves, ground cumin, oregano and fresh coriander. Cook through till the sauce goes thick and the veg is soft. Scramble some eggs then stir into the tomato sauce.

OHs favourite breakfast and takes 10 mins - yum!

Carol x
oh, sounds lovely.
Do you add the scrambled eggs to the tomato mixture??


rainbows holiday buddy :)
Yup - just stir the eggs into the tomato sauce. Its really yummy!

Carol x
:sign0137: no offence but eww! lol ....the recipe sounded lovely until you added the egg.
:sign0137: no offence but eww! lol ....the recipe sounded lovely until you added the egg.

Egg optional - but then the recipe would just be "mexican ...." Sauce is good with pasta or rice too - or just on its own!!!!

Carol x

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