Free Treats!


Flab 2 Fab!


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Corr I wish.

Great one for green is Mug Shots!!...the less than 1% fat ones are all free.

Urrm...... Hifi bars (1B) Alpen light x 2 (1B)..... The are loads more, try searching the threads or stickys too x


Flab 2 Fab!
Thanks! I'll get some mug shots for sure! Yummy!

I should have said - things that also don't involve your HEX's! lol! I'm clutching straws!


Flab 2 Fab!
Is sugar free jelly free? I love jelly! What about the little pots of ready made stuff? Yummy!

Mmmm choccy moose! They're deffo going on my shopping list! Thanks!! :D


Flab 2 Fab!
Thanks! I think rowntrees do the pots....


Flab 2 Fab!
No worries, thanks for looking!


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Hartleys jelly pots are only 1/2 syn each and the apple and melon tastes just like apple and melon J2O's. The sugar free jelly crystals are 1.5 syns.


Oh Dear..... I thought Sugar Free Jelly was free...... Damm

I mix 2 pots of muller light (any flav) with 2xsugar free jelly (boil kettle and just add enough water to deslove the crystals, whisk in the muller lights and top up to the 2pt mark with water) pour back into muller light pots you have been saving....... Bob's your uncle...yummy pud....


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I like to freeze mullerlights, makes a good alternative to ice cream.


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i love mullers and shape yogurts with fruit or the rice pudding using ha
for 2syns u can have asda good for you banana and almond cake they r lovely


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I used to make up a sugar free jelly and pour the mixture across four empty yogurt pots (it won't fill them right up). Then after they set, when I'd go to eat them, I'd tip a diet yogurt on top and eat it like that. It was a nice sweet treat! Not quite like a trifle, but still yummy.