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free vs. super free

everyone says fill up on free foods but is it better for you to fill up on super free?

we had a different consultant this week due to our usual consultant being on holiday and she set us a challenge to boost our weight loss by eating super free meals where possible.

just wondering if anyone has found that eating more off the super free than green or original boosts your weight loss. i need a kick start lol
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All that superfree means is that it's free on both plans. Superfree foods don't have any more weight loss powers than the free food, just keeps your options open if you haven't decided which plan to follow for the day. Sounds like she was more referring to the success express plan or maybe she meant super speed foods?
no, it was definitly super free what she was talking about and just said aim to not do green or original as much as possible and keep super free as much as you can and it will boost your loss.

im just wondering if anyone has tried this becuase i usually base my meals more around free food and not those that are super free, so i eat loads of pasta and potatoes and when im on red i have just a half chicken for lunch and most of the time just meat for dinner without anything else and obviously that isnt eating more super free


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I hate to say it but that sounds like really dodgy advice! The 2 plans are created to ensure we get the nutrients we need. Super free foods will be lacking in the levels of carbs and proteins that our bodies need. The whole point of having 2 plans is so that we are always eating healthily. I would check that out with another SWC and see what they say. To me that just seems very wrong


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my consultant says similar advice to you abigail09. they say that superfree foods are the best foods to fill up on, so even if you're on a red or green day they advise to look at superfree foods to bulk your plate out and this way your weight loss will be greater.

they also recommend success express, which is filling your plate 1/3 free foods (gree or/and red) and 2/3 superfree foods...even 2 or 3 days on this will give your weightloss a boost. it's hard work as you have to plan everything - but it has made me lose more when i've tried it out.

if i try and have success express days i tend to eat stir fries, fry-ups and omelettes...but that's cos i'm a veggie and can't think of anything else! lol.


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I do agree with filling up on superfree foods but not SOLELY on them. The superfree foods are lacking in the carbs and protein that make either plan 'healthy'. It's not something I would do as if this was a sensible idea then we wouldn't have 2 plans to choose from. Just my opinion


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I Have attempted a Speed Food week - extremely hard to do and if I remember correctly did not really have that much of a fantastic loss to make it worthwhile. I basically had Quorn for most of my main meals - Quorn mince, Quorn lamb, Quorn steak and Quorn sausages. I was so bored - I think maybe the Success Express is a better option.

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