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Freezing cheese - Excellent for portion control!

I didn't realise that cheese can be frozen (hard cheeses / cheddar - not soft cheese so well). I found out accidentally after spending ages going through the fridge looking for my big pack of Lowlow that I'd bought before. I found it in the freezer, and being a bit of a scrooge, couldn't bear to put it in the bin (thankfully). Not sure about re-freezing this lot now, but next time I buy cheese I'm going to cut it into portion sizes, wrap in film and freeze.

That should stop my other half eating all his cheese then stealing mine too!!

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I always freeze my parmesan - it means I can buy a big chunk without worrying it will go off before I finish it - works a treat! It also grates easier when frozen
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that is a TOP TIP ! My mother in law (30 years ago) used to freezer her cheese and I'd forgotten that you can.

I haven't bought any mild cheddar (which is the only cheese I eat - other than laughing cow) but now I think I could risk buying a block and doing what you said.

Thanks for the tip.


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I used to freeze stilton in measured out "bits" to make broccolli and stilton soup with.

And, not that I use, it but you can freeze butter/marg too. We have enough Clover in the freezer to feed the UK "because it was on special!!!
Ooohhh - I did the Clover deal as well! Just off to pop it in the freezer now! It'll be okay for Christmas when we have visitors then!
We grate our cheese and put it in a container in the fridge or freezer....that way its easy just to weigh out in the scales when you want it and it also looks like you have loads more if you grate it thinly ;)
Frozen & Grated laughing cow? Who'd have thought it? Def worth a go.
Ha i didnt mean i grate laughing cow...:) Is that even possible?!

Gettingthinnerbytheday says she does! Once they're frozen I suppose it'd be the same as normal cheese.
Lol - yes, that could get messy.
Must admit that even frozen it might be messy with me doing it - bet it'd be as much grated fingers as grated laughing cow though. My fingers (at least) are nice and lean though, so it wouldn't affect the syns.


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Fab ideas girls! x

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