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Friday Feeling..

Woo Hoo its Friday , Day 3! feeling loads better today :D i think the atkins flu is finally giving up.am lovin this i think i have a bit of an obsession with the cheese burger pie lol! and i am not going to drink tonite.

How often do weigh your self's? i dont own a pair of scales only the wii fit. also really gross question my wee is bright greeny/yellow is normal?;)

Rach x
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Loves this site!
Yes hun, you weeing out the fat. Some people say the Wii lies and only go by bathroom scales but others say the Wii is fine as on a flat hard surface. I only go by the bathroom scales, got digital ones
Phew thank god for that! was slightly worried lol , ok my pop of to argos tomorrow and pick some digital ones up! do you weigh yourself weekly?x


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hi Rach, reading your post gave me tingles - aaahh so glad it's friday!!!

I own digital scales too and I -try- to weigh myself weekly, because I'm one of the people that if I see a gain, it disheartens me, and that tends to trigger off some chain reaction lol ;)

I doubt I'll be drinking tonight aswell, yay us!


Loves this site!
Well when i first started i was shedding a whole lb a day so it was hard to not stand on then everyday. I stalled for ages and people are saying it was my body catching up so i have promised to only stand on them once a week now and Weds is my weigh in day. There is a weekly weigh in thread, join in. Do you have a horrible taste in your mouth too?
ok then defo only doing it once a week then! may buy my scales tuesday then,if i can wait that long lol

Well i always drink on Fridays as we have quiz nite at the local and darts :) so ill be good tonite! even though the hubby dose not think am on a diet with everything am eating lol

yes cheryl bluddy awful taste, am really worried what if i stay the ruddy same! i wont be happy lol and i dont feel hungry now i could of eaten everything in site yesterday! drooling and everything... lol :D
Yes Indeed. TFIF!!

In my world it's mandatory to drink on Friday ;)
Haha i like it Jim!

well am going to be good for the first 14 days , then i may treat myself to my G&T on a friday! thats not to bad is it?

You have more willpower than I do Rach, I drank on Friday nights all through induction, 6 months of it. LOL. I did drink dry red wine though.


Loves this site!
No its not i dont think hun. By the sounds of it you are coming out of the atkins flu and have started ketosis. Yay the fairy has visited Rach everyone. Welcome to fat burning.
Yes Burn fat burn...

i know i dont were the will power is coming from lol i think its the fact i have got to get in my size 10 maid of honour dress for August lol with out all my blubber hanging out everywere :)

ooo my have to drink Red wine then what brand to you drink jim?

i use the digital bathroom scales. the wii fit lies for me. get differnt readings every day!
i also weigh myself every day. i know i shouldnt but cant help myself!
will be having just the one bottle of wine tonight. i know i shouldnt but i cant resist :D


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You have more willpower than I do Rach, I drank on Friday nights all through induction, 6 months of it. LOL. I did drink dry red wine though.
now I know that you've managed it and had amazing results Jim, my entire evening could have just changed!
LOL Aaron, just keep it legal and factor in the carbs. That's what I did mate.


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funnily enough, tuesday is also my weigh in day ;)

EDIT: as it gives my body time to recover from the weekend x)

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