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***friday*** hr by hr***



Leahs Lightweights
Congratulations on being in the 12's!!! now get glugging that water!


Silver Member
well done susan! :)

I've had my first shake & a pint of water. Must get showered as I've got to take my dogs to the vets for their boosters.
2nd load of washing in & first lot on the line.

Have a good day everyone. xx


Gold Member
ooh, the 12s!! can't wait :D ha.

well i'm having my first coffee of the day... still. i seem to have been drinking it for about an hour now :S

dreading the rest of the day. soooooooo tired... :(

still. i am sitting here and my fruit is looking at me... might have to have brekkie soon.

abz xx


Strong women stay slim
Hi Susan , get going on that water , hehe , hey look at you go girl , 4 down , well , I lost one only , and you know why , my eats on saturday and sunday , Monday and also today is TOTM , so next week I hope for better results . so susan how are you today ?
Morning Lynn , I see by your befores and afters your doing great too !


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its my week off this week too but latest i usually lay in to is 7 / 7.30am. Can't sleep any longer!!!:(

Back to 5.30am starts next week though! :(:(

I'm not even out of bed yet!
Well done on a good loss and being in the 12's. Can't wait until I can post the same!

Trying to drink the water is very hard, I'm so used to strong squash. On my 2nd pint but have been up since 5. The joy of 2 year olds!!

Laura x
morning JMC I feel tierd to day and a few personal things going on at the mo but hey im in the 12s so nothing else matters.lol.

Will get glugging now and take my son out for a walk see if I can change my mood.xx

a loss is a loss hun but im sure you will do better next week.xx


Strong women stay slim
Hi Susan , yes , when dieting I think things get you down more cos before we would turn to food but now we can't , but hey its worth it , how old is your boy ?
I will have to get out soon get some shopping in .
Nice to see the scales move , so in the 12s for you woo . Yes a loss is a loss , next week I want to see a big loss , lol
I have a daughter who is 13yrs old and a son who is just 3yrs old.
Morning ladies, ive not had any shakes yet or water. Will get glugging soon as Im laying DS new floor today so trying to gear myself up for that, was down another lb this morning so im happy. Will be a nice little loss for this week.
Heres to another good day.


Doing it for keeps now!!
Well done on the WI Susan!

Right I've had my Strawberry Latte this morning and about to go get my water for my desk.

Weighed myself this morning and I am 4lbs down on my weight with hopefully another couple of pounds to lose before my WI on Monday...

I'm having a small meal each night of Spinach and Tuna or Chicken, so on the SS+ plan this week.

Can someone let me know how to get onto a team?


Strong women stay slim
Yes 3 , they need lots todo at that age , mine are 17 son , 14 son , girl 5 , thats it lol Long walk to tiring him out , they will be back to school soon , Tuesday and wednesday .


Leahs Lightweights
Morning JMC, thanks for that xx things are going well albeit slowly just lately! Not too worried though as having bounced between WW and SW for the last 5 or god knows how many years and being heavier than when i joined i'm over the moon with how this plan works and has slotted into my life!!
I think all the teams are full, but if you put up a post asking if any1 has a place on there team some one may of dropped out. other than than that you could try and find 5 other people and make up another team.xx
He love shis scooter at the mo so we will go feed the ducks i think, Emma is back at school wednesday and Lewis at nursery thursday afternoon then next week tue/wed/thurs afternoons, woohoo time to myself. hehe.

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