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***Friday*** lets do it hr by hr***

All by myself, don't wanna be all by myslef.....lol

Is it quiet on here today or is it just me :)


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Sarah, it is quiet, and i'm only popping in briefly to say Hi and have good day!, i'm off to meet the Stereophonics now, they're signing cd's in Cardiff...woohoo!!
1 tetra chic and 1 soup done, 1 litre of water and a million coffees.

Speak to you later



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it's very quiet. ha. i am one litre and one pack down. i am so not having a good day. but i am feeling a lot less gloomy than i was this morning. now i'm just grumpy... ha.

have had a couple of cups of coffee too.

oh. and i think i've scratched my eyeball? it really feels like there's something stuck in it, and there really isn't, at least not any more. but it's reaaaaaaaaaaaaally sore...
abz xx
ow a scratched eye ball is painful, i had that years ago.. poor you :(

Glad you feel better, me thinks it is coffee time too :)

2 litres down :)
hi there, I'm up in London staying with friends. Had my porridge and a hot chocolate tetra so far but must get on to the water. Had a lovely walk on Hampstead Heath this morning but it's turned a bit cold now.

Glad the shakes arrived safely, Susan. Will be very interested to hear what you think of W8 Chicken Noodle.


Mistress of the Dark
another week at the awful school over and done with!!!

looking forward to weigh in tomorrow although not optimistic. hoping for at least 3lbs, hopefully more!!!

had a strawberry tetra and 1.5l of water. got 2 chocolate tetras and 3l of water to get down but got plenty of time.

hope everyone is ok? xxx
I'm here too but it is very quiet. I think a lot of the chatterboxes have moved on having finished with the diet for whatever reason.
I'm always surprised that noone uses the chat room. I've never used one before but thought they were popular.
i used to use the chat room but thought it had vanished!! it's not where it used to be.. saying that, i would rather pathetically end up in there on my own...
I've also just found that if you are posting a reply, if you scroll right to bottom of page, there is a condensed version of the thread. Thats quite handy as sometimes i forget who/what i'm replying too and lose my post by going back to find out.
Im thinking I want to go lower now but will get to 10st 1st then re think might go onto ww and lose another st or so, but thankyou.xx
Been very quiet today! I've had a good day for a change, think I'm in a naturally good mood cos it's Friday. 4 Litres of Water, 2 coffees and one bowl of Toffee Walnut Porridge!

Going to have a Cranberry Crunch when I get in an another bowl of Porridge...Might put a few little bits of bar in the porridge. I then need to fit in another pack! Prob make myself a Choc Mint Mix A Mousse. Mmmm.

How's everyone else? x

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