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Friday nights are HARD!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
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Hello pretty people

Aint Friday nights so hard!? I think of all those people being so sociable getting takeaways, going for drinks, going for food, having people round for a meal - all to do with food! Dont you just feel a bit in........limbo land on a Friday on this diet like something is missing - like, you leave work on a Friday but it isnt quite the same without looking forward to having a nice meal? Does anyone else just try to get through it or does anyone actually enjoy and saviour their weekends on this diet?!

Just wondered if anyone feels the same.

In the meantime I'm quite excited at the fact that Tesco are stocking the Air Wick electronic spray thing in mulled wine again - love it, reminds me of Christmas!

So i treated myself to it, and a magazine. Sad hey! x
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Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Yeah, it sucks. Okay I know I can go out and drink sparkling water and it's all about being with friends etc etc blah blah blah BUT I love Friday nights. They are my favourite part of the whole week. I know nothing is stopping me from being out and about, and actually I have a cold anyhow so probably wouldn't have gone out anyhow but that's not the point... These light nights will be gone soon.
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Mrs L is at work and the kids are in bed, so it's not like I'd be going out. But tonight is hard for me because this is exactly the circumstances when I'd sit and eat a whole bunch of crap in front of the telly or something.

And to be honest, I've already ****ed up because I've had a couple of scoops of the ratatouille I've made (cooling now, so it can go in the freezer) which is on top of my normal daily ration, and now I feel bloated...

So it's Minimins and a bottle of sparkling water for me. I might have a play on Counterstrike to take my mind off food, even though I'm crap at it.


Want to be a yummy mummy!
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Im glad im not the only one who feels this way!

I just had a bath to take my heavy eyes feeling away, i have been so so tired this week.

Hey at least we all have one thing in common, we appreciate what we are doing and appreciate what we can now do every weekend rather than what we cant, we just like to moan about it every now and then!

Are you with me!?

Im looking forward to getting up tomorrow and being able to have a big choice of clothes to wear!

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I feel exactly the same! Fridays are horrible for me. It's funny how things such as food and alcohol are such key elements to the end of a hard week really.

Oooh I love that air plug in- the mulled wine one is gorgeous. They also do a warm vanilla one which is another christmassy one. I bought a new plug in the other day that has 3 scents that change in creamy vanilla (I think that's the name) and I love it! I think I have a slight problem when it comes to these plug ins!


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I've just been thinking the same thing!!!
I have come on here to keep my mind of weekend treats etc.
I felt really hungry today for some reason.
But been telling myself I've come this far and don't want to turn back now.
I can hear my OH downstairs raiding the cupboards. It feels so unfair..:cry::cry:


WILL be Slim!
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its not the easiest thing in the world, but i'm learning to occupy myself away from food...
I have been on the computer tonight, watched a few episodes of Come Dine with Me, had a lovely long bath and read some of my book, now watching Ugly Betty and having a shake!
Food is not the be all and the end all.....its just taking time to get my head round that! lol
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i have been rescued from the friday night frantic foraging by the arrival in my inbox of the new ikea catalogue should be good for a few hours time wasting!


please try again
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eh ive not had a social life in years so its all the same to me
i come online when the others are eating ( unless im required to feed madam ) marjong is a strong favorite of mine :)


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Hi, I am struggling as well, as bad as it sounds friday nights to me mean wind down with a bottle of wine. Which is why I am having to do this !!:)

About to have a long bath to get away from these darn adverts on the tele for food and drink.

Hope everyone is ok x


Back On Track!
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My Friday night ritual is now Coronation Street, Eastenders and yet more Corrie. A bit of QVC (I'm an addict) and a nice bath with my favourite aromatherapy oils.
I tried pubbing when I was on Lighterlife but usually wanted to leave after a few sparkling waters - it just wasn't the same.
But at least my current routine means I can put away some extra funds for all the wonderful new clothes I will be buying.
CD has made me realise how food orientated day to day existance is in general. It has also made me realise that when I finish CD, I will be looking for new activities to engage in rather than eating out. There are more things to life, other than eating out such as going to the theatre, cinema or bowling. I do agree it is hard, however the results are worth it x
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This is true. However:

Theatre: meal before or afterward
Cinema: popcorn / hotdogs
Bowling: the resteraunt in the bowling alley

All of which are a normal occurrance at those engagements when I've done them... Can't escape!


Enjoyin' my journey....
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Share your Friday night blues!! I walked my dogs at 8.30 whilst OH, my 2 stepsons and eldest stepson's girlfriend sat down to lamb dinner, beers and vino!! I don't really drink, but really miss the social side of eating ....... especially the help yourself slowly to 2nds, sometimes 3rds ..... and that's why I need CD! Dogs are happy though and 40 minutes walking did me no harm either (still, would have loved a lamb dinner, the only time during my first week I have felt deprived).
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i have to agree its hard. i love whoever invented sky +, because food adverts can be fast forwarded! cant quite watch come dine with me yet, i would be in the floor drooling, lol! i must say being on here is great, seeing other peeps in the same situation, and seeing their success.
its surprising how much i use food and booze as a coping mechanism. bring on the weightlosses!!


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I find Friday nights really really hard. My firm have a thing called Friday night drinks where they supply wine, beer and snacks and everyone gets together. Its quite important to go so a networking thing and then they usually all go to the pub/restaurant when the booze runs out at work. I've had a couple of slips ups and they have both been on a Friday. I seem ok when I go straight home or even at weekends but don't seem to have the control to go for a drink and not eat/drink alcohol. Will have to become a social recluse whilst I am on this I think. Has made me think how most forms of socialising are to do with drink/food though.

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