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Friday or Saturday


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Hi Guys

Im after opinions really, which day should I start? I have the chance to see a CDC about half an hour away this evening, which would enable me to start tomorrow or the chance to see a local one tomorrow evening to start on Saturday.

Im figuring 3 or 4 days of headache would take me to Monday if I started tomorrow, which could be quite handy with the weekend and bank holidays coming up! Hmmm, i dont know.

What do you guys think? Sooner the better?! x
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if you can start tomorrow i'd go for that, with the long weekend you will get all the worst bits outta the way before work next week...

could you change cdc's next week to go with the more local one? xx


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Thats a good idea. I could see the one today and the one tomorrow I guess. If I got a weeks supply off each I would have some spare then incase I did some strenuous activity.

I guess local would be better. I plan to only get weighed by the CDC once a week. It should help me not get to obsessed with the scales - should also help me keep to the plan 100% as I wouldnt want the look of disappointment on the CDCs face if i didnt loose anything at all!

Thank you.
you really shouldnt be doing strenuous activity during the first few weeks chick.

keeping a few spare is a good idea in case you dont like some flavours, i hated the butterscotch, but i love the walnut one.

and once a week is all you need for weighing :)


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What kind of activity should people be doing in their first week?

Through weight loss before I had to move, I had it into my head that the more I moved the more I'd loose. Id walk around constantly at work, go for a mile walk at lunch and gym for an hour in the evenings - gawd it was hard work!
you probably wont feel like doing much in the first week at all, im pretty sure my cdc advised me no exercise at all for two weeks and then after that only do what you had been doing at all (if anything)


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I have read you get faster results by not exercising. I would be happy with this. I don't mind doing the exercise to maintain the weight - thats what I have been doing for the past couple of years. Once I hit my 8/9 stone I am determined to stay there!
yeah same here, i did do a 10k cycle yesterday but thats the first time in 5 weeks that i have done anything more than normal day to day stuff

how much do you wanna lose.....if you dont mind me asking x


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Im about 12 stone at the moment. 9 is my target on CD, but ultimately I think I want to be somewhere near the 8.5 stone mark. I would be very happy if it came off at a stone a month like they say it can.

How about you?
i started on 16.1, and am now 14.13 officially, but have lost 2lb since weds unofficially, i also wanna be around 9......

feels like a long way to go though <sigh>


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Time will soon pass. It always does, I cant believe how quick this year is going, Christmas only seems like yesterday.

I just hope the next few months go as quick, so we both hit targets and both have that feel good factor.

We can do it! Slim together!


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Hi, I would start on Friday as well. You definately won't want to do exercise to start as personnaly I felt quite weak and a little light headed. I feel much better now and Im well into week 2. Good luck Zoe xx
I would definitely start on Friday as the first 3 or 4 days are the worst and at least you can do what you feel like doing those days and then you will start to feel better by the time you go back to work.

Good luck - you will get lots of great support here.


needs a real kick in the
no time like the present, start as soon as you can, you can always change your cdc if you need to, however you may prefer the one further away, dont add any excercise in first few weeks, its ok if you have already been doing something, but take it steady, if you feel funny, stop. good luck whatever you decide, claira xx


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Thank you for the kind message. I am going to see the CDC futher away this evening. I plan on getting a weeks supply of packs. I might then see a secondary CDC tomorrow evening, get another weeks supply of packs and attend the regular weigh ins locally.

Im not sure, havent really decided - quite like the idea of the distance as nobody around that area knows who i am! :)

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