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Fridge Raiders.


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I've noticed alot of people eating Fridge Raiders for their snack.

I'd love to try them as they look tasty, espesh the roast chicken ones.

A couple of questions.

1) Do you eat the whole bag as a snack? Or just say 2 or 3 pieces out of the 12?

2) I have looked in Tesco's and Waitrose and haven't seen them, anyone know if they're sold in Morrisons?

Thanks, Rae x
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They are on offer in Morrisons at the moment for 77p. They also have chinese rib flavour (yummy) & southern fried chicken (unsure about taste but not too bad).


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Mmmmmmmmmmmm chinese rib flavour *drooooools*. Do you eat the whole bag then as a snack? I haven't seen how big the bag is lol so if its humongous dont think im an absoloute pig.. (well i am but still :p ) im just not sure :rolleyes:.

77p what a bargain! :eek:. Oo im all exciteable now.
when i asked this no1 really knew so i got adviced as there is a fair bit in the packet to have half for a snack an the other half for a snack :) hope this helps x
The whole bag is 65g & nutr value is
protein 13.1g
carbs 2.1g
of which sugars 0.4g
fat 6.5g
of which sats 2.1g
fibre 1.0g
sodium 0.3g
119 kcals

I've had the whole bag but unsure really if it's ok as I'm new too but I've heard others say they also have them. Maybe someone with more knowledge could clarify?


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I'll have half to be on the safe side but by the looks of the nutrional value i think a whole bag seems reasonable, only little amount of carbs and fat.




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you can download net carb calculators from t'internet and with mine it works out to be 1 net carb per bag - BONUS!
you can eat the whole bag for a snack or as part of a meal, you wont seem like a pig lol


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Ha i know.. ive eaten them galore since then!

I wonder why this thread has suddenly been bumped after 4 weeks! :cool:
god knows lol
mmmm fridge raiders! i had some today :cool:

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