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Friend or Foe!!

I started my cambridge journey last week and have decided its best to tell friends and family what i am doing in order for them to support me.

My boyfriend has been great and has done the cooking and eats naughty things when im not around.

My Friend has twice offered to buy me a sandwhich and halved a macdonalds for me this has then turned into a tense meeting. She has already voiced she does not agree with the diet however, i have asked her to respect my decision. Obviously she does not respect my decision and is already trying to sabotage my efforts. I feel very disappointed as i enjoy spending time with her and feel now i need to avoid her.
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is your friend slim? or what weight is she herself?

just don't hang out with her as much, stick with people who do support you. If you do have to hang out with her, then don't go to restaurants etc. Do other things that don't involve food. If you're meeting up with her, eat your meal before you meet her and then it won't be an issue. And don't mention how you're doing to her re the diet again. Talk about to your boyfriend, other supportive people about it. If she says anything about you losing weight or "getting carried away with the diet" or whatever, just say something "i know what I'm doing thanks" or something to that effect to shut the chat down..think of a few assertive responses beforehand, just in case, and you'll be right as rain! x
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it can be hard when friends disapprove or try to sabotage you, but take it and use it to make you stronger. You know what you are doing and i think you need to explain to your friend how important this is and that you would really value their support - if not, as dietgirl says, try to avoid hanging round with them at 'eating' times or around food.
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I just dealt with this situation a few days ago. I haven't really told anyone about CD but whilst visiting a relative recently I had to put my foot down. I had told her before that I'm on a strict diet, but each time I visited her she would practically try to force feed me. Finally, I told her that I was really doing well on my diet but that it was strict and I couldn't eat anything she was offering me. I asked her why she felt the need to steer me astray from my diet, because if I faltered there would be no benefit for her, but I would be hurt. We both had tears in our eyes and she hugged me and said she hadn't really thought of it like that. She said that she'll respect my choice from now on and I promised she could feed me once I'm where I want to be :D

Maybe your friend thinks you're just going thru a phase or something. But if you explain to her how important this is to you then hopefully she'll become supportive instead of tossing stumbling blocks your way. If not, well...

In any case don't let her get to you, stick with it and you'll be ever so glad you did!
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That's such a shame! I have a similar situation at work! .. I work in a small office and no one agrees with this diet they are constantly offering me food!! And as they aren't "friends" I don't know how to say to them!! My family on the other hand are great! They understand how unhappy I am like this! ... I'm trying not to be antisocial but I've not really seen my friends since I started this because unless you are doing this diet you won't understand! X
Hope it all gets sorted with your friend! And good luck! X

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