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Friends around tonight

Well tonight will be my BIG test. Friends coming round for a girly evening tonight. Have been and bought lots of veggies for snacks and some Pringles (I love pringles). Some nice dips and lots of sparkling water. I WILL RESIST THE PRINGLES but will have some of the veggies, will this really harm my CD? When then leave I will throw the Pringles away. I think I will manage to stay off the booze. The way I am looking at it if I eat a few vegetables (raw) it is not going to ruin everything. On the other hand if I have a glass of wine will this be very dangerous for my CD. Please advise.
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hmmm, have one or the other would be my advice.

Thankfully I don't drink, so that wouldn't be an problem for me.
The vegetables should not cause too much damage, but the wine will.

Just have a really lovely evening and don't let it worry you, otherwise you will be constantly fretting over should you have eaten that bit of carrot etc and you won't enjoy the evening.
Have fun!!!

Take care


Thanks, I will not ruin all the good work this week. Kerry Ann have a lovely weekend with your hubby and stay on track. Nicky I hope your daughter's ear infection is better. Will update after my friends have gone, off to prepare the veggies now.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Thanks Julia....Have a good weekend too!!

Nicky, I hope your Daughter is feeling better too!

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