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FrillsandPink Lipotrim Diary

Day O

Hi everyone....I am a newbie to this but am starting Lipotrim tomorrow so thought I would introduce myself and start a diary to try and keep me on track. I am not quite sure my exact weight yet, but will find out tomorrow when I go to the chemist. I think I am probably around the 12stone mark. I am 5ft4" and have been really struggling with my weight and sticking to diets and plans etc. I have been reading all of the great success stories on this site for several months, so have decided to give it a go. Everyone's stories are veeeerrrrry inspirational and a lot of what everyone says about their weight issues I can relate to 100%.

I am the big 40 at the beginning of September, and so this is my goal
to feel good about myself and to have lost the weight by then. I am soooo looking forward to tommorow, but am a bit scared too, but know that it wont be forever, and will come on this site as much as I can for inspiration.

Speak to everyone tomorrow when I have been weighed. xx
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Just got weighed at the chemist. I am 11st11 so would like to try and give it my all to lose 2 stone by September for my birthday. I hope this is do-able and that I am not putting too much pressure on myself.

I have got a mixture of all of the shakes, and am going to try and make the vanilla with coffee ones in the morning. Have just had a few tips from another lipotrarian on how to do it without exploding my shaker with hot water....will give it a go tomorrow. I didnt manage to get to the chemist until late this afternoon, so have had breakfast and lunch already....so I think it best if I start tomorrow as I have already eaten today.

Fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed for me. I have tried so many diets in the past, I have to succeed in this, I just have too!! Tomorrow is the beginning of a better, healthier, slimmer me.
Hi Frills,
Congrats on making the decision to go through with it (I really think thats half the battle!) I started day one today, weighhed in at 13st 4 (5ft 8") im hoping to lose 2 stone for my hols in August. This is my second time doing it so any questions just ask!..Dont be put off by the fact that the weight came back for me either..I lost 3.5 stone last time (2 1/2 years ago) The weight has only come back in the last 6 months since I gave up smoking..I definatly think if its done right (especially the refeeding and maintanence) then everybody should keep the weight off..This will probably be the toughest week ever for you but believe me by the time you get on the scales next week it will all be worth it!..I lost 10lbs first week last time!..Anyway best of luck with it, I'll let u know how I get on too! ;-)

Thanks Sarah...best of luck to you on your journey too. I will be keeping an eye on your progress....keep me updated, the fun begins for me tomorrow eeeeeekkkkkk haha x
Day One

I sooooo couldnt wait to start the diet this morning, however, it started as a bit of a disaster. I made (well tried) to make the vanilla hot with coffee. I put the vanilla shake and the coffee in together, added the hot water and wisked it with my wisker. No matter how long I wisked it for there were white floaters floating in it. I wisked it for about five minutes and they were still there!! I gave in....I had to drink it like it was so just didnt look at it and tried to gulp it down in one...floaters and all haha. I really need to get the hang of how to make the vanilla and coffee shake up without bits in it. It was gross....it looked like when milk is off and you put it in your cuppa and white bits float around in your brew except these were thicker......any tips would be greatly appreciated x

Anyway, on a better note I had the strawberry for lunch....much nicer, no lumps....could get used to these ones. Have been trying to drink all the water, but am not keeping track of how much I am drinking which I need to start doing. If I fancy a glass I have a glass, then a brew, then another glass but I dont know how much I am drinking altogether. How does everyone else calculate their water intake?

So all in all not too bad today, but it is early days for me, I am sure I will be put to the test very soon.


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good luck!!! hang in there, get over the first few days and you will be flying!
Well done and good luck for day 2
Day One Update...

Had another strawberry for dinner....ok so far, put loadsa ice in it so it was even nicer than the one I had for lunch.

So day one is complete and I have been 100%. I hope I can get through the rest of the days like today....I must say tho, this forum has kept me going. I think I have prepared myself initially by reading and researching everyones posts before I started which has kept me strong and looking at how well everyone else is doing. C'mon day 2.......!!!
Well done!, sounds like its going well for you so far!..

I had to delay my first day until tomorrow because of an impromptu work night (im pretty sure vodka would have been a no no lol) With regard to the mixing; the last time I did it I had the same problem..I now have two tricks that I find help....I never use the shaker or whisk..I use an electric hand blender (like the ones for soup) I use a measuring jug and just keep adding water as im blending..makes all the shakes nicer I think!!.Your right about the ice...I put bottles of water in the freezer for a couple of hours before blending so their nice and slushy, it might just be in my head but im convinced they taste nicer!..

Good luck with day 2, i'll be a day behind u!! xx
Day Two

Thanks everyone for your posts and your support....it means a lot.

Day two.....well what can I say other than it is going ok. Stuck to the strawberry's today because I didnt have time to mess around with the vanilla and coffee one, so will try that tonight as my last one. Still been 100% but found that I was hungrier today....not to the extent where I was going to cheat, just the belly rumbling and seem to notice the smell of everything. Actually, I have smelt sausages all day today for some weird reason...dont know why, maybe they are on my mind...as long as its not ME that smells of them then I dont care really haha.

Generally tho, I feel good and dont feel like I am missing out on anything too much at the moment. No headaches, a bit tired I suppose, but then I am always tired anyway haha. So onwards and upwards.....;)
Well done frillsandpink youve done superb to get through it i know exactly what you are on about lol i had it today and got through it so nice 1
excellant start frills.....lol at the sausages comment......I think im smelling of curry for some reason and no one in the house eats it lol.......they should put that side effect on the lipo bags!! keep going hun your doing fab
Day Three

Going ok, although found myself pining a bit for food today, but tried to dismiss it as much as I could. Still 100% ...not sure if I am in ketosis tho, but felt a bit dry mouthed today and felt that I needed more water?? Is that ketosis?? Does anybody know? Anyway, if it is it hasnt helped me with hunger today, in fact I think today has been the worst day so far for me with mad thoughts for food, especially this evening. Im out on site a lot at work so during the day Im ok apart from having to find public loos every ten minutes....and believe me you dont wont to use the loos on building sites haha!! Actually, when I think of it now that I am writing this I think I am doing quite well, because everyday since I have started Lipotrim I have strolled into mcdonalds to use their loos and not bought anything.....not even been tempted......so yeah, on a positive I am proud of myself :D

Oh yes, and Im actually feeling not slimmer, but less bloated and full to the brim if that makes sense? Feels goooood x
Well done ive had a bad afternoon for cravings as well but havent gave in so fairplay to you and you could be in ketosis i was on day 2
Day Four

Thanks pads...does ketosis give you are really dry mouth? I havent got any sticks but might purchase some, but suppose there is no point if I am 100% (which I have been) I will be in ketosis sooner or later anyway.

Just a quick update tonite....going to watch a film in bed.

Anyway, been 100% today....hard?.... YES definitly - but giving up?.....NO definitly not. Looking forward to the weekend for a lie in etc. but really wondering how I am going to cope because I havent done a weekend on this before, but we will soon see.

Must say tho, seeing everyones weigh in's encourages me to continue....if everyone else can survive a weekend....then I will too haha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Well done frills and yes you get major dry mouth lol it is a sign of ketosis so nice 1 im not buying the strips cause like you said if you no you are why bother lmao :)

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