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From CD to WW - for my wedding :) xx

Hi All

I have umm'ed and ahh'ed about switching to WW for a while, but before now I had only got to 810 in the Cambridge Diet. Now I have gone right up to maintenance and feel it would be a better time.
I started Cambridge at 17 stone in January 2009, 7 stone over the course of last year.

I am now getting married this September, and my weight keeps fluctuating, I think possibly because I am exercising a bit, but also, because I am eating out more because of all the wedding plans, and the Cambridge Diet doesn't really allow so much for this. It is a lot more focused on fresh food (which where I can I am eating, but on days where dresses/suits/cakes are being hunted out, or we are showing parents around venues etc, and then we end up eating out - it is often a case of picking what is best on the menu) and then I am completely confused as to what I am allowed for the rest of the day. So I think with WW, I would have a much better idea of what I should then have for the remainder of the day, and should then stop this constant fluctuation of my weight, and bring it down in time for my wedding.

I am aiming to lose a stone in time for the big day, seeing as it is a little too high for my liking at the moment.

Anyway, I have worked out that for now, my points allowance stands at 18pts for the day, I just have to start working on what points are what for foods etc. I also know I am slightly carb sensitive so I will be sticking to my wholewheat pasta and cous cous which should help in the long run, but without cutting out the carbs all together.

This post has gotten a little longer than I intended, but I think it has helped me finally make a decision, and I feel better for it. xx
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Thanks Becky. Cambridge started off on Sole Source, which is soups/shakes/mousses etc, and then you work up the plans adding meals in as you go (all fresh). It's a very low carb diet also. I didn't do Cambridge light heartedly though. I had tried lots of other diets first, that just didn't work for me, and also went through Dr's and tried tablets from them - Reductil and Xenical, but just didn't work, so Cambridge was my last resort x
Agree with the others, stick with WW if you are happy :)
You also have to be BMI25+ 1 stone to do it (but anyway we are talking WW here as that's what I am moving to :) )

Looking forward to getting to know you all on the board. xx
Well done on your losses so far you must feel great - ww is brilliant you will enjoy it. Good luck with the rest of you wedding prep and weight loss
WW is great because you can eat everything nothing is off limits so you dont feel like your depriveing yourself.

If your stuck for points just ask on here theres always someone around that would be able to point it for you

Good luck with your wedding plans and weight loss you have done fantastic so far

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