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From Couch Potato to Glamour Puss - Day 4 - THERE HERE!!!!

Day 1: Random Musings

Though I would start a diary to see my progress over the next few months.

Its abit strange writing a diary online? I know its not that much different from having a blog in all reality but still... I don't do very well with having one of them either!

I think i'm pretty motivated to do Exante and am going to order a mixed bumper pack in a bit. I'm using up the shakes from our shake pack before.

Scott is not doing exante this time and is taking xenical instead with a low fat diet. Right now he's sitting next to me with a plate of jacket potatos, bolognese, cheese & garlic bread. It smell's amazing, I've not long had my second shake a vanilla latte! yum yum.

I can't wait to have some soups and really really hope I like the bars, I can be abit funny with bars but am dying for some texture already!

Was not the best day to spend in the city with all the smells and food stands, espeically walking through the market... eurgh...

I'm tired, hungry, have a headache and have got xfactor on which is making me want to scream. grrr :mad:

Other than that I am very happy! :D
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Good luck - you can do this

X-factor just makes me chuckle - I love love love trashy TV :p

Good luck with it, got to say I love the bars, I'd buy them even if I wasn't dieting if you could buy them in the shops!
Yes vie got one of those too, we'd been to visit my dad earlier and I took him to the chippy on the way home for his tea....... but even worse he's now having a pint of beer heavenly beer!!
Hehe, I used to love xfactor but am shocked at how little real talent there is this year :( Ah well, Scott is enjoying himself so thats the main thing!
Day 2: Will try a more literate approach!

Yesterday's post was abit scrambled so I will try and write in a more orderly fashion today. I managed to get through day 1 without a hitch, though with much temptation as we went in Norwich for the day, Having to sit in starbucks with a bottle of water whilst Scott and Emily had a Subway and a Frappe was hard to say the least, So I distracted myself by people watching and using the girls walking by as models for the clothes I want to wear when I am thin!

I find it a struggle to drink the daily water, and have found that doubling up my shakes help me get some extra water, I have 500mls of water and 10 ice cubes per shake it makes about a 750mls per shake. So i'm getting an extra 1.5l from the 3 shakes/Soups then I just try and drink a glass or two during the day. Obviously will need to drink more when I have the bars.

I'm really motivated today and woke up in such a good mood. I know I can succed with Exante as I need to do it for me and for my girls x
Day 2 Update:

Well apart from just reaching for a bar of dark chocolate, which I didnt open or even attempt to eat thank-goodness! Today has been another good day! Managed to stay strong when Scott and Em had Jam sandwiches for Lunch and a Mc Donalds for tea and stick to my water.

Still not drinking much water and I only had 2 shakes yesterday! I've had two shakes today but will try and get the other in before bed, May try a Hot Choc?! Got to order the shopping online tonight so I think I will order some fruit teas and the vege stock thing people are talking about? My mum also suggested geletine? She used it with the CD flavourings to make Jelly you can have on TS which sounds amazing!

Also going to Scott to get me some Mix a mousse from the cambridge counsellour, I think a Banana angel delight sounds lush!

I'm going to TS untill xmas have that time off and then get back on in the new year untill summer, hopefully by next summer I can get to a size 14!
aww bummer, I saw someone writing about the peppermint tea to make a mint choc? that sounded lush! Shall have a re-think then!
Oh ok what about ginger then is that ok? although I dont think a ginger choc would be that nice? or maybe it would? So many taste discoveries to be made!
Just checked the cupboards, I have some peppermint already yay! so will attempt to make a mint choc and some lemon and ginger... So thats a no. "Both boxes sealed on the things people have brought me but I dont like the look of so I wont bother to try shelf"
yum ginger latte that sound nice, what about cinnamin? a vanilla latte with cinnamin would be very nice!
It is very nice and cinnamon is meant to suppress appetite - sure I read that somewhere

Day 3: Is it just me or do you say that in your head in the big brother voice too?

Well I've done it, before i've either struggled to get through day 1 or got to day 3 and stopped as we went away. So here I am all shakes down getting ready for bed and waking up to embark on day 4!

I am very proud of myself today has been the hardest so far, I ended up having 4 shake packs but it was better than caving in and eating some crap from the cupboards!

So Hurrah go me!

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