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From lighterlife to weightwatchers.

I had pondered this. Essentially VLCDs are a short term commitment. They are not something you should do longer than is necessary. I am aware that I will have to watch my weight for life and something like WW or SW would be a good option. However, LL is probably the best way to get to your goal weight first.
I have to admit one of the things I love about WW is its made me reassess the things I buy and eat. I eat much more healthy now than I ever did but I love being able to still 'indulge' :) Last week I had 2 days of eating out and drinking (it was my birthday honest) and still lost 4lbs.

I definitely think its a great way to change your eating habits & outlook to food albeit the losses are slower, but very steady so long as you stick to it ;)
I joined a Rosemary Conley class tonight having lost 4 stone quickly on LL. Really enjoyed the counselling etc but the incentive to lose weight thru total abstinence wasn't as urgent as it was originally and I've been messing around for the past couple of months. Didn't want to 'diet' again but the fact that RC is more of an exercise class plus healthy diet (regular meals, low fat etc) can't do too much harm, can it? Will see how it goes, I think everyone is different and what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for everyone. LL has given me the confidence to choose my own path and know that I'll be successful thru trial and error and by trusting my own judgement plus not being too hard on myself when I get it wrong. WW is good if you choose the healthy option most of the time. Good luck whatever you decide. x
After Christmas - WW or SW??

Hi Eileen,

You helped me the other day with my :sick0019:problem.

I'm just starting my 5th week at LL and although I'm delighted with my weightloss so far (18lbs) I still find it a struggle to get through some days without eating. I have LOADS & LOADS more to lose but know for a fact I'm using LL as a short term way to lose an amount to kick start a healthy eating diet. My Foundation stage would take me right through Christmas and there is no way I can enjoy Christmas without eating anything and having a soup/shake or bar! I still can't be with anyone when they are eating, even though I cook everyday for my husband & 2 sons. So my intention is to carry on with LL until Christmas Day, then eat little before immediately starting either WW or SW.

I have been a member of WW many times before and KNOW that it works, but I've never been committed enough before to stick to the plan. LL has already taught me SO much more about myself and my appalling eating habits before. I've NEVER had big meal portions as I've always filled myself up snacking on naughty things all day. That's my main problem usually. I've never done SW before.

How long have you been on LL and how much have you lost (sorry if that's being nosey)?

It'll be interesting to know what you decide and how you do.



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Thanks girls for all your great replies.
Joanne im 99% sure im going too do it, years ago i did ww & did quite well, so i think i can do it again. I started ll 8th may & have lost 5 stone 2 pounds.I feel ready too start eating now as i keep having a few nibbles already.£66 is a lot if your not sticking too it 100%.LL is the best thing i have ever done i dont think i could have moved this weight without it.But i feel ready too move on with the rest of my life, i also know that if i dont watch what i eat it will slowly creep on & i dont want that.I think i want too lose between 7 & 10 pounds with ww.Ill let you know how it goes.
Hi everyone, I had done both sw and ww and have had success with both but my problem on sw was my portion control. I know on certain days you can have unlimited amounts of things but after a while I stopped losing weight as I kept having the same size portions as when I started, when I should have been having a little less. But on ww, what I liked about that is you know you can only have a certain amount of points to stick to a day, and can have a combination of meat and pasta together if you want.
Hi Eileen,
I think the price reduces once you start management and don't have to pay for 4 packs a day. You only have 2 weeks of LL left at the most and I think you would be in management. I plan to start management around 25th November, I have thought about doing LL through management and then perhaps buying Cambridge supplies to help me maintain afterwards as they are so much cheaper and more varied.
All the best with what you decide.


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well i started eating over the weekend, im been very careful making wise choices.It feels strange eating i must admit but good too be eating with my family again.At the moment im getting weighed each morning as i dont want my weight too creep up.Today im making some home made veg soup.


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Hi Eileen
Well done on the weight you have lost so far, I have a similar amount to lose and it really helps to see others managing it.

I too was thinking of switching to WW after I get to goal, so will be really interested to see how you get on.
I think it is a good way to maintain for life. I was assuming that I would put on a bit when switching then it would come down slowly.

Do you mind if I ask how long it has taken you to get this far?

Good luck


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hi Ali i started on the 8th may2007.So not long really.Im finding it strange eating, having too think of what to have each meal.I think im going too start a diary of my meals as im scared of over eating.ive put 2 pounds on but i was expecting some gain.Good luck with your journey Ali its really worth it.


Happily pro pointing!
S: 16st7lb C: 16st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 39.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks Eileen
That is amazing loss in that time, well done.
If I stick to this I could be the new me by easter. I am so excited about it, I am sure this can work for me.
I am finding this place a great inspiration and is really helping me get my thoughts in order.


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well im having a good week food wise im making healthly choices BUT ive put 4 pounds on since saturday.I knew i would gain a bit but its scaring me now i hope the scales stop going up.

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