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From Now till Christmas!


Going for Goal!
Well, I have worked out that it is 18 weeks until Christmas. As it is such a significant time of the year, where we see people we haven't seen in a long while, celebrations and parties galore - I thought what a better insentive to get CD'ing to the maximum!I for one usually avoid the annoying Uncle with the camera at Christmas and pig out on all the naughty things I shouldn't. BUT for me, 2009 is going to be different. I want to feel 'comfortable' in having my picture taken, knowing I won't be ashamed when they come through, I want to wear something stunning and not have to un-button my trousers to fit more in! So I am going to set myself a 'realistic' target that I will work towards reaching by Christmas Day! I am doing sole sorce, and aim to continue sole sorce until I am 12 stone when I will begin maintenence. My target is going to be 4lbs a week - Some weeks I may loose more as I am ss'ing - but as long as I loose the 4lbs each week I will be happy. Based on my 4lb losses in 18 weeks, that brings me to be aiming to loose 72lbs (5 stone) which will bring me to my target of 11 stone. I have worked out that to get to 12 stone, based on the 4lb a week loss, I should be there by 23rd November. So by then I aim to start moving up the steps. This way I can still enjoy my Christmas dinners with the family, but without over-indulging on chocolate and sweets. I want to avoid them at all costs. I thought we could get a Christmas challenge going on minimins? I realise it is a way off yet, but it really helps me to stay focussed. What do you guys think? Are you with me?!!!
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I am absolutely up for this, however I may have to duck out, as I'm starting fertility treatment in September!

I'm aiming to lose 50lbs by last week in November, which is 15 weeks, which averages out at 3.33 pounds a week..... my average WL/week is about 4.37lbs, not including 1st week, or weeks off plan, so this is doable.......
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Nooooooooo. Can't think about Christmas!! Haven't had my summer hols yet!!

(This is from someone who booked her office Christmas party on the 5th January...!)

Actually, i would love to join you. I'll have a little think about a target - hopefully i'll be maintaining by then - fingers crossed.

It would be lovely to go out Christmas time and wear nice clothes - what a novelty that would be!!

Good luck with everyone's goals!! Bring on the Christmas Challenge!!



is a naughty girl...
I would love to join and would like to aim for 3.5 stone off as I have a few weeks holidays and I want to be able to meet my target! that would take me down to 11.5 stone :)


Going for Goal!
I'm so glad you guys are up for it! I am just on my way out with baby Harry (my friend has a 7 month old baby boy) and she isn't very well at the moment, so Auntie Em offered!!! We are going for a long power - walk! I'll set up a challenge on my return! Hugs x x x


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Very positive and what an incentive, I'm with you there. I'm going to go for 3lb a week, so 54lb for me please miss!



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I hope to lose 4 stone, which would take me into the 9's.... wooohoo.
Oh yes, I detest meeting up with relatives who don't know whether to expect me to be a size 12 or 18. And I always feel embarassed to be tucking into Christmas buffets etc when I am at my largest, followed by the dreadful indigestion that I used to get regularly before starting CD.
This year I want to be as sparkly and slim as a Christmas fairy!
Good luck everyone. I really would love to get to goal by Christmas. Though I'm not sure if I will and don't want to get my hopes up. It would be nice to beat least 10 stone 13 by then. We'll see xx


please try again
well i wont be having a christmas dinner but i would still like to be 5 stone lighter please
I'd love to join in too please.

I'd like to be (ideally) 9 stone 12 by my weigh in on 21st December! I have lots of goings on in December - wedding, birthdays etc, so will realllllly have to go for it!

I think that will mean losing roughly 24lbs between now and then (depending on my weigh in tonight) x


Going for Goal!
Thats great peeps. Glad you are all wanting to join! I'm going to set up a new thread called "CD Christmas Countdown" - you know the drill, stick on your weekly loss! Hugs x x x

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