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Frozen grapes/fruit syns x


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Having noticed a few folk here mention frozen grapes, I finally remembered to give it a try. OMBG! Aren't they lush:p? I've gone through 3 punnets of black ones since Friday :eek:.

I was just out at the freezer and spotted a tub of frozen blackberries (which I've just eaten with a free toffee yogurt. YUM!

Anyhoo, as I was munching, it dawned on me that frozen fruit is synned:cry:. I can't find frozen grapes, or frozen blackberries on SW online. Does anyone know what they are? I'm guessing the syns will be negligible, but I'd be happier knowing anyway.:blahblah:

Thanks in advance
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ARE they? Cool! I could have SWORN the directory synned them.
You're my new best mate now! lol lol

Just realised this should be up the top, not in the main bit. Sorry folks, I know that does your heads in!


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I agree with Harrie on the sugar contents of grapes, just be careful you dont eat too many!!
As grapes are a free food they can be eaten in whatever quantities you like. All I'd say is it's different from person to person and if you feel you can't get away with many grapes then switch to a speed fruit instead. When it comes to fruits like berries you can freeze them and eat as many as you like as they will most definitely boost your weight loss.

If you have a gain it's more likely to be something else rather than grapes, feed back to us and let us know how weigh in goes!!
Ooh! I've never tried frozen Grapes! - might be a really stupid question.. but do you just freeze a punnet of grapes?! lol I just bought some red ones and am now thinking of freezing them, if that's what you need to do? lol :D


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I pick them off the stalks and freeze them in a bag then eat them like sweets - great if you are going to the cinema and want to avoid the pic n mix counter!
But you can stick a punnet in the freezer though.
Oh cool - thanks! :D I'll be trying that!


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"As grapes are a free food they can be eaten in whatever quantities you like. "

That's my feelings too, but I will keep your advice in mind, as I do seem to have reached a bit of a plateau.

Never thought of taking them to the pictures. YUMM!


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