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Frozen Veg

Hi ladies/Gents, Shopping day tomorrow so i was thinking, I really need to focus on my SS and Free foods if im to have a great weigh in thursday, BUT we find the fruit and veg go off pretty quick so im wondering should i buy huge bag of frozen veg and have that with pretty much everything and buy lots of fruit and veg. Which fruit is going to get the best results from any ideas, before i do my shopping list> Thank you xx
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I use the bags of steam fresh - really handy if I just want veg for me. Apart from those I also have bags of frozen peas and spinach and green beans - not really keen on other frozen veg

I heard that pineapple is good for weight loss - get yourself a corer/slicer thingy form Lakeland - they're fabby


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Frozen berries are good and tend to be cheaper than fresh, also blackcurrants and blackberries are super-speed I think. Veg wise I usually have a bag of mixed veg to chuck into veggie curries and the like, also peas, corn, spinach, green beans are good.


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Oooh yes - the frozen berries are lovely - I love the Black Forest ones. But I defrost them so they are warm - not sure if this is counted as cooking them (so should be synned) but I only have the same amount anyway. Lush with ff fromage frais on


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The steam bags of frozen veg are great. I always buy frozen raspberries and have them with yogurt or breakfast. Sainsbury's are doing a 3 for £5 at the moment so I'm going to try out frozen mango chunks and peach slices this week too!


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I prefer fresh fruit to frozen but always have several bags of frozen veg at home: peas, sweetcorn, mixed veg, cauliflower. As I'm a lazy cook but need something for lunch at the office, I usually put e.g. some left-over pasta, collection of frozen veg and laughing cow into a dish and just heat it up for lunch. Nice, easy and tasty.