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fruit and veg help plz


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Hi all me again :sigh:

I go and buy melons, fresh pineapples, lettuce, cucumber, spring onions, tomato, swede & carrots in pack peppers etc etc.

Now i buy these in my weekly shopping with kids food but after 2-3 days i need to buy more and have no money by then, so is there an easier way that i can sort all this out to make it last nearly a week or is that the impossible:confused:

Thanks all :family2:
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First of all Jacquie your potatoes will keep longer than a week if you take them out of the plastic bag and put them somewhere dry and out of the sun, you could try making a shepherds pie or a fish pie to use up some of the potatoes mashed, as well as the usual SW chips, jacket pot's etc.

Veggie's - well you could try buying frozen as they would last longer, but that would probably run out more expensive, we grow most of our veggies but if I have to buy any I always pick the one's with the longest sell by date on them, same as when I but fruit and salad items too.

I don't think I have been to helpful but I hope I have helped anyway. X
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I have the same problem, I'm unemployed atm and can only really afford one shop a week and no top up visits inbetween. I can't even afford fruit it's that bad lol. You might have to just accept that you either have to buy more or go without for a few days until your next shop. It's not ideal but in these hard times you can only afford so much.


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Use a penny jar - put all your coppers and 5ps in a pot all week then every fortnight or whatever sort them out and use them to buy frozen veg - before long you will have a great emergency stash to dip into whenever you run out! Packs of broccoli and cauli florets are only 1 quid, and you can get mixed ones or separates. Iceland FTW when you're running low on dough is what I say!!

Also -don't forget tinned veg! All tinned veg in water is the exact same whether you buy supermarket own brand, value or snoot-brands. So invest in an emergency stash of tins of carrots, mushrooms, peas, sweetcorn, tinned toms. You can even get things like asparagus if you're feeling really adventurous. Tinned carrots start from as little as 9p in some stores so get hunting and make yourself a little emergency stash.

Good luck hun, I know how it is to run out of monies in the middle of the week! :D xxx


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Is there a market near you? I generally find that the veg is cheaper there, and if you go as they are packing up they are practically giving it away! I generally find supermarkets are quite expensive for veg, I get what I don't grow mostly in the greengrocers, apart from the offers in Lidl and Aldi.

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