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Fruit Bar - Ewww

Toffee is delicious, tell your LLC to allow you to try samples first, little slivers.

I find the cranberry and raspberry, peanut bars the best, they are also bigger ;) seriously ask for samples they should let you taste them
Well in my opinion toffee/lemon and fruit are all inedible lol x
Future Mummy

Just been looking at your lovey pics on Facebook, you have a lovely little family.

Louale x (Johanna)
wait how did we go from fruit bar to adoring little kids loll. Hmmm lets see food..family.. sense of well being and happiness comes from that... happiness = food...so...when you are happy you eat.

thats its from Dr. Hus today
Toffee and the fruit bar both gave me a really acidic bubbly tummy. They did not agree with me at all.
I did quite like the toffee bar but I thought the fruit one was probably a bit like eating plastercine!

I was wondering if the ingredients in the soft bars are anything like Quorn? does anyone know at all? I have an intolorence to Quorn and the bars gave me similar symtoms. Quorn is a brand name or some kind of man made veg protein substance
I agree the texture is as bad as the taste I found them to be better when made into biscuits
Recovering Cho,

How did you make them into biscuits? I cut the rest of the bar up and put it in a plate in the microwave for exactly 1 minute, there was no change to the bar at all, other than it being hot.

I cut them into 8 lay them on a teflon sheet cook them on high until they're soft then flatten them & reheat until they go soft again then leave to cool they arre a crunchy chewy type biscuit
Thanks for that, maybe I'll try it with the toffee bar tomorrow.

Louale x
Ewww, I never tasted the fruit bar after my experience with the toffee bar. It was like chewing on a cigarette stump in my opinion and went in the bin (well, as I recall actually, it almost went in the bin, until my husband decided he'd finish it and he said it was fine!!) I took one bite and gagged. Bleurggh!! I stick to cranberry or peanut now.
Cranberry and peanut are the best! Tried the toffee and fruit bars and didn't like them at all!!!!! I tend to agree with the others..........ewwwww!
Lol! Agreed with the above. I've had the cranberry and the toffee so far, and thought the cranberry was like chewing cardboard, and the toffee like paper. Mmmm.
I love all the bars :D

But especially the Cranberry one (put it in the fridge for a few hours, takes aaaaaages to chew your way through it!)

Fruit is nice when it's warmed up a little, it goes softer and chewier; I sometimes put it on top of my TV for an hour or so (in the packet of course!) as that heats it up nicely! :D
Be careful!

A friend had a CD peanut bar at work on Thursday. filling came out. Had to go to the dentist. Had to have the tooth taken out. It broke in two. Dentist had to stop.
Anti-biotics for 2 weeks. Then she'll have to go and have it removed under genral anaesthetic at hospital.
I'm sure there must have already been a problem there.
So cutting the bars into small pieces could be wise as well as making them last longer.


Do a little dance!
I thought toffee was revolting! Kind of liked cranberry - but found it VERY dry and stuck to the roof of my mouth.

Sticking with Peanut this week!

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