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full english breakfast


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i know this is going to be a bit hit and miss, just wondering what total syns would be for a full english breakfast - we're staying in a b&b in lake district for 4 nights and as they're renowned for their fry ups i plan to have one on the last day before we set off .

what would be the approx syn value for :

1 slice bacon
1 sausage
2 fried eggs (2 syns?)
fried mushrooms
toms (free?)
1 hash brown
1 wholemeal toast (1 heb)
1 small portion butter
small glass of fresh juice

im going to count as if fried as dont suppose they're going to mess about with grilling!
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Will be thin god dammit!!
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Wow dunno where to start here - We need someone like Jaylou or Circes ...... "SHOUTS - JAYLOU! CIRCES!"


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thanks moomin, but i
think its going to be near impossible to work out accurately via sw, and as we'll also be eating out during the day i think i may just come off it for 4 days and count calories @ 2000 a day .. will be doing loads of walking around the lakes .. bump allowing, lol . i can perhaps order soup and roll, something light for lunch and in evening and just snack on fruit during the day .. dont want to put a downer on everyone elses holiday coz im counting syns etc .. hopefully i wont put on, will just stay the same .. thanks anyway xx


Will be thin god dammit!!
S: 18st3lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 41.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I would just enjoy it hun, you can always get back on track when you get home x


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i would love to know this too

i guess the bacon is free (if you remove the fat) but you should syn the oil
the sausage is about 6 syns
eggs are free, but syn the oil
mushrooms are free, but syn the oil/butter
toms are free, but check if they're fried in oil or just grilled
a grilled hashbrown is only 2 syns, but check if grilled or fried, as you'll need to syn the oil
whole meal toast is HeB, but check the size..
butter is 2syns per level teaspoon
a glass of orange juice, unsweetened is 2.5 syns

so i think realistically you're looking at over 20 syns.

could you not contact your B&B and tell them you want breakfast but have an oil/butter allergy and can they grill everything?!
me too ask for bacon etc without oil/butter and ask for it to be grilled.(i tell em I cant have fat cos of gallstones and i would collapse-works every time). If grilled bacon/mushroom ,toms free. Fried egg 1 syn.toast maybe hexb.dont have butter-put your egg/toms on it.Leave the juice/hash brown/sausage -not qworth the syns.Not high in syns that wat. Once I explain about my gallstones they are usually really helpful.xx


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thanks for your replies and sugestions, think if it was a one off id probably put in a special order, but then we have 4 days breakfast / lunch / dinner to get through - we're going away with another 2 couples, 1 of which dont know that well dont want to start fafffing around at each meal putting in special orders, working out syns etc.. think i'll just try and pick wisely and try and stick to 2000 cals or just under and get back onto sw as soon as i can - all the walking should cancel some of the calories out,lol - i have decided to have kippers and poached egg for 2 of the breakfasts (great to have an online menu,lol) so that should cut out some of the fat / calories - once again, many thanks xx

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