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Fulltums weightloss diary

Just like my title I expect that this weightloss diary will be pretty boring!!

Feel free to ignore everything I post I am used to being invisible!!

So Im Fulltum and I have 3 children, my very lively 4yr old son and my 1 yr old twin boy and girl.
I got married to their Dad in Dec 2009 on our 5 year anniversary :D

I have always been overweight, even at primary school I was the chubby one!
Back in 2008 I finally got my act together and did cambridge diet which worked fantastically for me and in 6 months I lost just over 7st and reached my target of 10st 7lbs and fitted into size 10-12 clothes. It was an amazing feeling but it didnt last long as just 2 months after getting to goal I found myself pregnant with the twins and the weight just piled back on (nothing to do with all the cales and crisps I scoffed :rolleyes::cry:)
When they were born I decided to get back to goal and managed to lose 2 st in 6 weeks for our wedding and I then switched to SW which didnt suit me at all and even though I stuck to it 100% 12 weeks later I was only 11lbs lighter:eek:
Instead of trying something I else I let myself fall into the binge trap and scoffed my way back up to a size 18 :cry:
We had a fab holiday to Disneyland Paris for my Birthday in June and when I saw the pics I cried, I knew I had put weight on but hadnt realised it was that bad :eek:
3 days after we got home I started back on Cambridge and in 9 weeks I had lost 2st 8lbs and was starting to feel alot better.
Cambridge is very expensive though and after Discussing it with my Hubby (who had been successfully doing weightwatchers for 9 weeks) I decided to join him and here I am in my 1st week :D

I am expecting to gain this week due to eating again and wont be suprised if its as much as 7lbs and also dont expect too much from the 1st month while my body adjusts but I know I must stick with it and get back to goal.

I know dieting is hard but I also know that the maintenance is even harder and am determined to manage it this time because I really dont wanna keep gaining and losing all my life :cry:

I start college in a couple of weeks and am hoping that seeing all the young and slim students will help keep me on track lol

Anyway thats enough waffle for now.
Onwards and downwards!
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Mini-Addict :)
Hi Fulltum :)

Welcome to our diaries, this is a great place to be, I've tried this a million times over already, but this time is so much easier due to mini's, it reassures you that you're not alone!

So yeah! Welcome!! :) xx
i'm sure WW will work really well for you - its more economical at least that you and hubby can eat the same meals and you can work those around your young family too :)

good luck with your first week and dont worry we'll be here to support you if the 1st week doesnt go as well as you hope what with you going back from vlcd to normal eating xxx :)
Cheers for the welcome ladies :D
Am aiming to settle in for the long term (even once I get to goal Im still not budging from this spot lol) so will hopefully get to know you all a bit better x

Blackwidow anything under a 7lb gain is good with me :D (gained 8lbs when I went from cambridge to sw at the start of the year) and then if I can get 5lbs of that off in the 1st month I will be a happy bunny.
And you are right about it beong moe economical, it was costing £45/week for my shakes and I spent £60 on the whole family this week so saved at least £30!

Lainie it doesnt matter how often you jump on and off the wagon as long as you always jump back on at some point ;) lets hope we all get through this together x
Well the diet is going well and Im finding the food to be great and filling. Mixed feelings about weigh in as I am expecting a gain which is ok but obviously would love to be going down not up lol

Feeling crappy in other ways though as I had a job interview for macdonalds today (dont really wanna work there but the hours would fit in with college and would mean I got working tax to cover nursery fees when at college) but dont think it went well :cry: Interview bloke was a bit weird, the questions were quite odd and he was one of those people with a constant poker face so wasnt sure how it was going the whole time.
Trouble is if I dont get it I may have to give up my college space as I cant go without getting working tax credits and there isnt any other jobs going that would fit in :cry:
Well have just had the biggest shock of my life!
I had expected to gain about 7lbs at my 1st weigh in due to eating after 9 weeks on Cambridge so wasnt really ready to see what the scales had to say :eek:

My first weigh in reveals that I have in fact LOST 3.5lbs :D I am over the moon and loving weightwatchers right now!

I have done my meal plan for next week and did the shopping so Im ready for another week of this wonderful plan :D

On a downside I have decided to turn down my college place for this year :cry: Its just too expensive to get the twins into childcare and finding a 16 hour job that fits round college and the family is proving very difficult so after talking it over with my hubby we have decided that its best I leave it till next year, Its disappointing but its definately for the best .


Mini-Addict :)
Well done on the loss :) that's really great, WW does really rock doesnt it!!

Sorry to hear about the course plans having to go on hold :( have you looked at doing something through the open uni or similar? I'm currently doing a youthwork degree with them, and they're really good, really really flexible too... just a thought.. :) xx
I did consider doing it from home but I quite fancy the idea of going to college and meeting new people so will wait out the year and reapply :)

Im all excited and nervous tonight as my eldest starts school in the morning and while I know that he will be fine and will take it in his stride Im not sure how I will take it lol.
Just gotta make sure that I dont hit the biscuit barrel when I get back lol
Well my little man loved school and didnt even give me a 2nd look once he got into the classroom lol

Feeling crappy this morning as I stupidly jumped on the scales and they are showing a gain of 1.5lbs :cry:I know I should wait until monday before I worry about it but this happened on sw and I kept gaining for no reason or only losing 1/2lb even though I was doing it 100%.
Cambridge always works for me and I am feeling that I should go back to it, but because its so expensive I cant really afford to so Im feeling a bit trapped :(
Im gonna give ww a full month and see what happens and then if the weight isnt coming off I may have to try something else, as Cambridge is essentially low carb I may try dukan or just good old low carb.

Hopefully it wont come to that though and this is just my body getting used to food again and will sort itself out soon ;)
Fulltum, don't get down! Remember, WW fits around you, you don't have to fit around it. So you could incorporate low-carbs if that's what works for you, the only thing to restrict you is points, but you can eat anything!!! :D

And also, you came off the CD to lose 3.5lbs on WW - I'd say that was brilliant!

I had the same thing on SW where I would gain for absolutely no reason!!! I sincerely hope it doesn't happen to me on WW as I love the plan!!!

You've made excellent progress so far, concentrate on that and I hope you feel better about it all!

Cheers Carthago and you are absolutely right, I think Im just having a wobble because Im still getting my head round eating again lol.

I need to stop wanting fast loss and focus on healthy loss and long term benefits :D Im gonna look at some recipe sites and get some inspiration for yummy healthy meals and start enjoying the fact I can eat again:cool:

I have also had a look and TOTM is due sometime in the next week which might explain why Im feeling a bit bloated and weighing a bit heavier so Im really not gonna panic and Im gonna ride it out, I know in my heart of hearts that I havent really gained 1.5lbs since monday as I havent overeaten on any of the days, its just maddening seeing the scales say those numbers again lol

Onwards and downwards (hopefully lol) :D
Rant Alert!!!

Im feeling like absolute crap today :cry:
I really shouldnt have jumped on the scales this morning because not only has it put me on a downer its also caused an arguement with my husband!
We are both following ww (him 11 weeks and me 2) and we both tend to weigh each morning (I know I know) and when I weighed this morning I told DH and he started telling me that it was the scales as he put them in 4 different places and got 4 different weights etc etc but I always have the scales in the same place and know that my body is very capable of gaining 1.5lbs overnight and told him so but he wouldnt listen so I ended up in a mood with him :rolleyes:
He then kept emailing me while he was at work and banging on about it and then when he came home from work he started again so we ended up falling out again!

Why cant he just accept that the bloody scales are not broken and that for some reason I have gained weight!!
He does this about loads of stuff and will never listen to me or my opinion- he always knows best :mad:

I think I am a bit premenstrual but it certainly isnt helped by his attitude!

Sorry just needed a rant and to get that off my chest!

Part of me feels like hitting the chocolate and feeling sorry for myself but I know that wont help and will give me an even bigger problem by weigh in so I wont but I may end up killing my husband by the end of today!!!!!!!
I guess in his own way he is trying to make you feel better about it. He's saying that you haven't gained weight and that the scales are wrong, which is a nice thing to say when you look at it.

However, I understand how annoying it is when people just don't listen to you and they always have to be right; I've spent three months of summer at home with my dysfunctional family (OK, so they are not that bad, but mums and little brothers can put a strain on a girl!!!)

You've established that you definitely haven't gained fat, you are probably just retaining some excess water, so try to look at it from another view. You are getting healthier, there is no doubt about that and you haven't put on any more 'fat', so try not to feel too bad about it all.

I hope everything all works out and you feel lots better very soon! Rants are good for this sort of thing!
Sorry to hear you've been having issues with the DH.. Hopefully all wil be harmonious really soon for you again :)

Don't worry about the scales mid week, you tend to fluctuate day to day anyway, I tend just to wait til my WI day, otherwise I think I'd be on verge of breakdown lol :)

Keep going my love, you can do this :) xx
Thanks Ladies :)
We got it sorted, I jsut wish he would listen to me sometimes :rolleyes:
The scales show this morning that I am only 3/4lb up so the water seems to be shifting a bit :D
Hopefully by monday it will be gone and take a few lbs with it lol

Well its my 2nd day doing the school run and Im looking forward to it, I love to walk but need a reason to do it lol
Is feeling alot better today and enjoyed my walk to school this morning and am looking forward to another walk a bit later. I think exercise certainly makes you feel better :D

Have had a busy day, have planned all our dinners out for next week and done a shopping list ready for the morning.
I then went all domestic godess and did some batch cooking for the twins.
Then I did the housework.

I thought I would get myself ahead for dinner and went to make the turkey meatballs for my korma only to find that the turkey mince was off! :mad: Not very happy as it was still in date but luckily I have enough food in to do something else without rushing to the supermarket. I was really looking forward to a korma and now I have an extra 3 points to fit in which isnt terrible but it makes it tempting to eat more junk than I had planned to lol
Well just weighed in for week 2 and I have gained 1lb :cry:
I have no idea why as I have been 100% on plan all week but I suspect it has something to do with my body adjusting after cambridge so although Im very disappointed Im gonna stay positive and give myself a few more weeks to see some results.

Im also gonna restart my 30 day shred dvd today so hopefully that will help too.

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