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Fun exercise - is there such a thing?

I want to start exercising but to be honest I hate going to the gym, swimming is too much of a faff (expensive, driving there, coming back to shower etc) and I live in a small 'everyone knows each other town' so I would feel uncomfortable going running around here (would probably turn into a high school reunion!) - is there anything that you do which you enjoy? :eek:
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Hey hun, I've just started a running plan as I'm doing a 5km, and now a 10km (see my post below) charity race! I never thought I'd enjoy running and always used to have the excuse that someone I know would see me etc etc. If you really want to get fit and enjoy being outdoors walking/jogging/running then don't worry about who you'll see! It's free, this time of year is a perfect time to start and it's a great overall exercise! Most of all, you need to do something you'll enjoy and stick at xxx
Its expensive, but my cousin has the Wii fit and she really enjoys doing that around 3 x a week.

I've just fond out that I really do enjoy spin again. I used to do it around 3 x a week. Its great fun.


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I've heard very good reports of exercise DVDs, so you can do it in the comfort of your own home! The Wii Fit is always being mentioned on here too, have you got a Wii? Personally I have no motivation to do the DVD thing so I go to the gym twice a week and I love it! Each to their own I suppose.
Wii fit, and dancing! I lost half a stone by accident when I started taking street dance and break dance classes, changed my body shape completely - suddenly I had a waist! And I wasn't dieting at that point. If you can find a dance class I would recommend it. So fun and easy, and you can practice at home and still burn calories. Also try dance exercise dvds :) You don't have to be good either!
Another option is Zumba dance- latest craze so my mam tells me. She's always on about it. Its like latin american dancing or something.
Or what I enjoy is doing really vigourous walks in the peak district - or whatever hills are near you! A good 5 hour walk on the weekend can burn up to 600 calories!
Hope you find something - I go to the gym but i HATE it! I know i'll never enjoy exercise so I hope you find something you can enjoy :) xxx
if you want something at home, then a dvd or wii would be my suggestions.

But - you could always try the running. I only started yesterday (following the couch to 5k programme). No way am i running about the streets in my town, i just went on the local field, problem solved for my embaressment!! lol
I was beginning to feel oh so bored of the gym - for years i've done 20-40 mins of cardio followed by weights and due my recent weight gain i have struggled, gotten bored and eventually stopped going so when i got back on to SW i too decided that something more interesting was much needed!! so here's what i did!! i went to a boxercise class and boxed the hell out of my 6 ft instructer and boy did i have a damn good workout!! its the highlight of my week going to his classes, in addition i am doing something called "swunning" which is basically a 20 min run followed by swimming (but its a leisurely swim) and sauna!!

you need to find something thats fun and burns the calories!!
I play badminton once a week and do Davina DVD 3 times a week to tone up and avoid the saggy skin. Some other ideas:

240 Calories Burned Per Hour – slow walking, light gardening, housework, line dancing, aquarobics, playing golf, gentle cycling.
390 Calories Burned Per Hour – Swimming, middle level cycling, playing basketball, skiing, fun football, playing baseball, racquetball, good dancing, brisk walking and playing cricket.
620 Calories Burned Per Hour – weight training, jogging, cross country skiing, kick-boxing, power walking, skipping with rope, competitive swimming, competitive football, vigorous cycling, playing lawn tennis

...............or an hour of sex burns 385 calories (if you can manage for that long!)


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I like any dance where you don't need to rely on a partner so things like line dancing is brilliant. sadly we don't have a Zumba dance class near us because that sounds really good fun. i have got just dance Wii but even that i got bored with the same music and moves all the time x I am thinking of volunteering dog walking at our nearest dog rescue centre.


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I love spinning, body combat, body pump and body balance. Really want to try Zumba - think they're starting one at my gym soon.

Trick is to try a few classes and see what you like - you're definitely more likely to stick with something you enjoy

Good luck

as well as walking the dog Ive been doing the new Davina dvd twice a week, the boxfit session is really good and there are some good abs workout on there to - ot too long and you feel like youve really done good! also do the wii fit every few days - dont think it does too much but every little helps!!

Ive really noticed that when I dont exercise my weight loss drops to about 1lb a week and I'm more tempted to snack, I think when youve put the effort in to some exercise youre more loathe to waste the effort by having a curly wurly!!
I think exercise can be addictive. I've been doing a lot on my Wii and also started jogging three weeks ago and now I always can't wait until my next workout. I get quite a buzz from it. I wish I could jog everyday but I'm still breaking in to it. I did 5 km for the first time last Sunday and I was thrilled. It was pretty exhilarating. I wish all this exercise would show on the scales but last week I only lost half a pound and I might even gain this week, although I did have a gazillion syns on Saturday when I spent the day at a spa with my friends. However, the best way to lose weight is through exercise and diet. Eventually my weight will have to start to shift.


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Even walking can be great exercise! If you have a dog, take them on a really long walk!
I've taken up Roller Derby, which is a full contact womens sport (kinda like rubgy on skates but without the ball) and am learning to skate. So far it's fun. You might look like a bit of a tit in skates and full protective gear but whizzing around & trying not to fall on your arse is great ;) (or maybe I'm a lil sadistic....)

And from the pain I'm in after my first session, I can safely say it's good for the thighs :p
I've taken up Roller Derby, which is a full contact womens sport (kinda like rubgy on skates but without the ball) and am learning to skate. So far it's fun. You might look like a bit of a tit in skates and full protective gear but whizzing around & trying not to fall on your arse is great ;) (or maybe I'm a lil sadistic....)

And from the pain I'm in after my first session, I can safely say it's good for the thighs :p
Woo go you I would love to try rollerderby (bit inspired by whip it the movie lol) but it seems its more popular than I had expected up here lol its 7 pound a session and they only take new people in a couple times a year and train them up and theres not a space for a few months yet :( defo looks fun though the bruises are insane!!

For me the only way I found exercising fun is on the wii! I had a gym membership that I never used and ended up cancelling it and got myself a wii a few weeks ago! So far got wiifitplus and balanceboard, EA active and some personal trainer game! Workout dvds didn't really motivate me they just ended up gathering dust but I do find myself using the wii - just got ea active today and started my 30 day challenge!

:)I find going to the gym a little intimmedating.

What i know do is i get the wii fit out and i spend some evenings doing challenges with my OH or when the kids are having there afternoon sleep ive started getting it out then and doing free steps or free jogs because then i get to watch tv at the same time :)

I have found it to be my life saver to be honested because i feel comfortable in my own home doing activities that i wouldnt dream of doing in front of other people.


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I'm starting street dance tonight, then from next week I'm also going to do pole dance and salsa! When I used to dance I was a size 10 and didn't even watch what I ate, when I gave up I went up to a size 14

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