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FYI Tummy Tucks on NHS

My mum was speaking to a shop assistant today and was bragging to her how well i was doing on CD. Anyway her brother-in-law has lost 12 stone on CD and was totally depressed and would not leave the house due to his saggy skin. Anyway (long story i know) GP's are now allowing people to have tummy tucks on the NHS as you have lost the weight and are no longer obese / overweight and potentially costing the NHS money in the longer term!

Ive not formally read this anywhere, but for all you who think you will get the dreaded 'apron' it might be worth a trip to your GP and asking the question.

Next time i visit mine, im going to ask and if theres as waiting list, i want to get on it asap.

At least my hubby will only have to pay out for a boob job now and not a boob job and tummy tuck!
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I've heard this too, although not formally either. I think it's one of those postcode lottery things. But luckily, it seems that my skin has been quite good to me and sprang back nicely :D xx
It's different in different areas of the country sadly. I had a chest reduction on the NHS 7 years ago when I lived in Surrey but I know that where I live now (Hampshire) this would not have been allowed. You can't even get a gastric band fitted here unless your BMI is over 60 or something stupid whereas most other places in the country allow it at a BMI of around 45.


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I can't believe you even have a chance of getting cosmetic procedures on the nhs in this country! We would never get that in Australia, no chance at all.


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the postcode thing shouldnt make a difference now as you can elect the hosiptal and health service you use......
i think you actually have to BE at an ideal BMI and maintaining so i have been told as they wont put you on a list on a promise that you will lose it....
I'm not planning to have a tummy tuck until i have maintained for at least a year anyway, would be nice to get a buy one get one free offer though with the tummy tuck and a boob job! lol
We can but hope hay! :)


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I've said to my OH that I would love to have my Tummy Done & possibly boobs in a few years time.

Having 2 kids close together and Breast feeding both buggered up my Tummy & boobs anyway and the weight loss is just going to make it worse... so If I could get it done on the NHS then that would be brill!!
I know my opinion won't be a popular one but i don't agree with having a tummy tuck on the nhs.
The nhs is stretched enough as it is without giving people tummy tucks.
I wanted a boob job as after having 5 kids my boobs were saggy & barely there :eek: but we paid for it ourselves. It made me depressed & didn't like going out but i don't think the nhs should pay.
Having lost & gained a lot of weight i have a very saggy stomach, saggy arms & legs..... do i expect the nhs to pick up the tab.... no.
People should save up & pay for it.
The nhs should be there for proper problems like cancer & saving peoples lives. My mum managed a tummy tuck on the nhs years ago, saying she was depressed about her stomach & i didn't agree with it then & still don't now.


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While I agree with you to an extent Daisy, I think there is sometimes cause for it on the NHS. My sister is a clinical nurse specialist, so I understand just how stretched the NHS is. Do I think that people should get a free tummy tuck because they have saggy skin? No. Do I think if they are having related problems such as infection or it's severely effecting them mentally they should? Yes. I do think that it should be on a means tested basis though. If you can afford to pay for it then you should. However there are some people who just would never be able to afford it, even if they saved for years. And as someone else said, actually in a way it's beneficial financially for the NHS to do this as actually it costs a lot less to give someone a tummy tuck on the NHS (don't think of the cost of it privately, that's it's price, not actual cost) than it does to deal with and treat weight related problems.
Daisy, whilst I agree with you that the NHS is stretched, and that people with life threatening illnesses should and must get the funding needed, you must appreciate that there are many of us out there that simply could never afford to save up for private treatment.

Also, anyone losing a lot of weight and taking care of themselves, will ultimately save the NHS a small fortune in years to come.


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I agree that if you have lost a lot of weight and have servere saggy skin and its making you miserable, that you should be able to have a tummy tuck on the NHS.
Why not?
The bloody government ministers are taking money left right and centre, they know how desperate the country is financially, and its their job to sort it, a few tummy tucks aint gonna make much difference.
Sorry, just my opinion.


WILL be Slim!
whilst i agree that the nhs is stretched, i'm saving them a fortune in illnesses that i wont have becuase i will no longer be obese....i have done this all at my own cost, without hassling the doctors for tablets/short cuts etc and draining their resources with weigh in's and advice...so i think when i have done all the hard work, why shouldnt i be able to claim back....after all...i contribute 25% of my salary in tax, dont claim a penny even though my DH is out of work....if this is the only thing i claim back then so be it!
i think there are fine lines in this, but its nice to see peoples opinions on this! :)
I suffer with depression & it didn't help having practically being flat chested. As i said i have a saggy stomach from the weight i've gained & lost, having 5 kids & 3 c-sections. I do understand what its like to be incredibly unhappy with your body. I can't afford to have a tummy tuck & would need to save or get a loan if i wanted it done. When i get to goal i will still have my saggy tummy, i have to wear longer tops to cover it, long sleeved tops to cover my arms etc. Theres a lot worse that could be wrong with us & having a tummy tuck is just wrong. The nhs on the whole needs a make-over so that money is spent on the right people. Breast reduction i agree with, boob jobs to increase them i don't.
I don't see why the nhs should pay because 1. i've been fat & lost the weight & 2. because i've had c-sections .... which has all lead to a very saggy stomach.
You could say lets do it on a person to person basis but you will get most people going in & saying they are depressed....... when the truth is they haven't a clue what depression really is.


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I think you could say the nhs shouldn't be paying for a alot of things like patches or counceling for smokers. That was self inflicted like weight is but they are helped to deal with their addiction whilst we have to sort out paying for diets and cd ourselves. I think if baggy skin is causing such misery, infection and disomfort etc then it isn't about vanity. Boob jobs to increase size for vanity reasons no. It's a difficult one to reason with and the list of yes and no's could go on, I certainly wouldn't like to call the shots on this one but think everyone is entitled to their opinion. Zoe xx
I agree with you if there is an infection.
However losing 5 st & thinking you are entilted to a tummy tuck because you've paid into the nhs is wrong.
Most people who have a saggy stomach/over hang shouldn't get a free tummy tuck. Its different if you've lost 20st & your belly is hanging round your knees, obviously something needs to be done there. I've lost 8st before so do have a saggy stomach but its not down near my knees. Paying your NI & tax shouldn't entitle you to plastic surgery on the nhs.
The nhs doesn't have a bottomless pit of money. I'd love a tummy tuck like the rest of you so i can have a flat stomach like my mum :rolleyes: but i don't think i'm entitled to it cos i've lost the weight myself.


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I had a tummy tuck a few years ago after having kids. I went abroad and saved myself thousands and got an excellent job done that I'm really pleased with. I was quoted around £8K in the UK and paid just £3K for mine. For anyone who is desperate to have surgery there are cheaper options overseas, you just need to make sure you select your surgeon carefully.
I must admit, I also dont think the NHS should pay for a tummy tuck either.... I have had 10 children, 3 by C-section, but it was my choice to have the children, no one elses, so why should someone else pay to put right what I chose to put my body through, and it has been through a lot and my tummy is a total mess. I also dont agree with the comments about saving the NHS money now that we have lost weight as they are not having to pay out for obese related illnesses. Most of the time it was our choice what we put into our bodies and because of our choices we made ourselves obese, if we had always been careful with our bodies we would never have had obese related problems in the first place..... we can also go to our Doctors and get medication etc to help us to lose weight and support groups to help us too, it is our choice to do the Cambridge Diet and lose the weight more quickly so we should pay.... a bit like whether you send your child to a normal run of the mill school and get it free or whether you pay more money for your child to go to a private school and possibly a better education.
I understand that some people have other problems related to weight and obviously these people need help on the NHS be it a tummy tuck or gastric band, but I dont think we should be entitled just because we chose to have children or because we made ourselves fat and then got thin again. Just my opinion.
I waited 18 months for my op and only got that so quickly because there was a cancellation in the surgeons schedule (I only got 3 days notice that I was going in).
My chest reduction was done on the ground that due to shoulder and back problems that I was already having I would have cost the NHS far more in the long run staying the way I was than if they gave me the op (Cost £3800 which is the most expensive 'cosmetic' surgery available on thr NHS). I still to this day have permanent dent in my shoulders and I've been told they will never go away.
I had a friend who had a tummy tuck on the NHS after having 5 children and losing 6st. She got hers for the fact that every summer she would get the most horrendous heat rash under her belly skin that would end up getting infected so she would spend the majority of the summer on antibiotics.
I think its depends on the seriousness. If its a health issue whether that be infection or clinical depresssion then it certainly should be done but for the majority(myself included) its certainly a matter of vanity. Fact is a bit of lose skin is not gonna cause any health issues.
Lol just spotted the tummy tuck holidays below

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