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G & T now regretting :(

Hi everyone, I'm currently on day 4 and WAS doing really well :(
I tested myself on wed and was on the pink shade of the ketostix and had lost 4lb in 4 days which I was happy about :)
Well.... The weekend has come which I knew would be tough, and I haven't cheated food wise ( other than a nibble on chicken) but have had 2 gin n slimlines and I just tested myself (obviously the guilt kicking in!) and the ketostix hasn't changed colour :( have I ruined everything now????
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Not sure how it will affect your ketosis but it could make you really poorly as alcohol and ketosis don't mix too well. There is a link on here somewhere which explains it all in detail.
Sorry to sound preachy, I love love love a drink (or 10) but when you've read the info it scares you enough not to drink at all. xx
i'll have a look at that, just hope its not gonna affect my WI on Tues? can u still loose if ur not in ketosis? i feel like i am tho ie, bad breath etc!!
Bit dissapointed in myself but it comes to the weekend and thats always been my downfall! doesnt help i have 3 children and my niece and nephew here tonight watching xfactor with popcorn maltesers fruit pastiles and my 2 year old niece asking me every 10 secs if i want a pringle!!! so am proud of myself to a point i suppose :rolleyes:
Ha ha, that's hilarious, everything my 5 year old eats he holds up to my nose: "are you allowed this mummy?"
Bless them!
I'm not sure if it will effect your ketosis or not, sorry I can't be more help x


Feeling Motivated
I feel your pain, I had a small celebratory glass of champers last night as my sister got engaged, but today is a new day, and i can focus again now :)
Lulu, regardless of whether the G&T affects ketosis and the risks and affects of alcohol whilst in ketosis, you can lose weight. The fact you are consuming less calories is how weightless is achieved, ketosis simply speeds the loss up. That's how I see ketosis in simple terms.

Don't do what I have done over several weeks I.e let one glitch lead to caving in. Move on and stick to plan. If you feel really guilty about extra calories consumed from the G&T go for a brisk walk, exercise anything active to burn the calories off. My mistake has been I have something off plan and I then see that as a licence to just carry on eating, failed I' ll try again. Please keep going! I have managed to get to day 5 and I know I may slip be it a piece chicken small slice if pizza... I don't want to be if I do I will not let myself slip completely. I know it is a head thing! Good luck,.

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