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Gaaaahhhh Traveling with work and team night out

So I've to go to a team meal tomorrow evening. This is my new team so it would look really bad if I said I couldn't go. Besides I've travelled over from Dublin to meet them.

I really really really don't want to get the taste of food - which I suspect will happen if I eat.

What do I dooooo?
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suppose that might be a good idea.....just don't want to make anyone feel bad.

Do you think it would be really hard to have food and then not have it again?
it would for me .............. go for the queasy feeling and have fizzy water and retire early xx
Hi Clarabel

HAD to reply as this is an occasional issue for me- and one which was my undoing last Summer- hence why I am on my 2nd restart with 3 stones to lose.

HONESTLY it is so hard to start eating again (for me anyway) in that work environment. Its almost as if once I give myself permission to eat, its a rocky road to giving myself permission to eat naughty foods... as much as I tell myself I will be sensible and just have a chicken salad... it never ends up that way!!!

Its a tough one- I know its an awkward situation.. you don't want to miss out on the social/team aspect of eating out together etc but I think with the experience I had I would go for a tummy bug excuse.

Depends on your willpower I suppose!

Good luck with whatever you choose- try to keep your eye on the big picture and the overall journey beyond the work outing.

Let us know what you decide

Scarlett x

my advice would be not to eat a meal. i was in a similar position last year - almost at my goal weight. I went to a meal with the intention of having a small piece of chicken and no alcohol - it didnt turn out that way tho! I seemed to forget everything once I was in the restaurant, ate three courses and drank as much as everyone else. Next day I thought well I will start again at the weekend, thought it would be easy as I had been doing LT for weeks with no problems. But I couldnot get back into it, I tried for ages having shakes in the morning and going mad later in the day with food. The longer it went on the more I hated myself. Anyway I ended up even heavier than I was the first time, have now started again but still cross with myself for being so weak. If I hadnt had that meal I think I would have got to my goal and done the refeeding properly.

Sooooooooo, after all that I would say unless you are very, very strong willed, tell them you have a bug and dont feel like eating and just drink your water. In a couple of days the team meeting will be history and none of them will remember what you did or did not eat. You will be so pleased with yourself and will get to your goal that much quicker. By the time of the next meeting you can party with the rest of them!!

Good luck :)

After t
I'm not going. Said I had an ongoing medical issue that meant I couldn't eat solid food and didn't want a fuss being made at the restaurant about me not eating. (which is not a lie exactly - I am obese which is a long long ongoing medical issue)

So I'm going to meet them for drinks after the meal is over.
good decision have a fizzy water on me !!! xx
I have this issue a lot, with work travel. I meet with a few different groups but none of them mind (and why should they???) if I do go out with them and just have a glass of water. Depending on where I am, if I'm in one of our offices somewhere then I'll just go to the kitchen and make my own soup or shake and if not I'll wait til I'm in the hotel. The only place I have never asked to make my own stuff is on a plane!!! If I'm travelling longhaul I try to take a bar and have something before I leave and then when I get to the hotel the other end. I've got a whole week coming up when I'm away, there will be about 40 of us doing a huge trade show in Barcelona and I'm sure that every night there will be groups of us going out for dinner, but again it'll be something back in my room when I'm changing and water while we're out...
Boring but not forever!! And so worth it.........

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