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Gabrielle's yummy ww food diary!!

Hey guys & gals

I already started a little diary on the main forum which i have been entering my food in & exercise etc - but i didn't realise there was a seperate food bit on here too - so i thought i would start a new one here for my daily menu plans

my plan for friday 27th march - day 3...

brekkie - 100g strawberries, half pot onken fatfree strawberry yogurt & 50g no added sugar museli - 5 points

lunch - lc tortilla wrap, lean ham, mayo & salad - 3.5 points

dinner - 2 turkey rashers, 60g(dry)wholewheat spag, lf alfredo sauce & mushrooms (mmm healthy carbonara ish)- 4.5 points

snack - soreen, sf jelly, lf mini babybel- 3 points

total - 16 points
approx - 1200kcal

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whats soreen? :p *is nosey*
whats soreen? :p *is nosey*
morning rach :)

soreen is that fruit malt loaf in a yellow packet - i read somewhere here it was 1 point but i did the calculation from back of packet with my cardboard slide thing and it said 2 - so i count 2 to be safe

its yummy really sweet like cake - better with butter on but i have learnt to like it without now xx
ok so I am being very organised this week - and have actually planned ahead my whole weeks food plan and done the shopping accordingly so i have no excess food laying around it all is in the plan (check me out lol!!)

OK today

Brekkie - 150g onken strawberry fat free yogurt with 100g strawberries - 2.5

lunch - pitta bread with turkey rasher salad and light mayo, ww hula hoops and an apple - 5

dinner - half pack mixed seafood (prawns, squid rings & mussels) with the last of the low fat/low carb alfredo sauce (my 3rd day of having it!) ha ha and 60g wholewheat fusili - 4.5 points

snacks - soreen malt loaf, sf jelly, flump - 3 points

total - 15 points
approx 1200kcal

For my drinks during the day i always have

1 regular coffee with drop of skimmed milk and 1 sweetener
1 Dr.stuarts slim plus caffeine free tea
sometimes a green tea (yuck but i read its good for weightloss!)
6-8 large lasses of water
and on occassion a slimlime or diet coke but very rare - i prefer water
I just have to say that i have been testing out yogurts in the mornings and i really do not recommend the one i had today and yesterday

the onken fat free strawberry yougart - I was hungry within 20 mins of eating it with my fruit - it has too much sugar in it so my blood sugar levels dropped quickly and i wanted to eat more!! I didnt cos i went to the gym but i wanted to!!

so the best morning yogurt so far which kept me full till lunch was

Total 0% greek yogurt (sweetened with some splenda)
Alpro Soya plain yogurt (sweetened with some splenda)

both were low points, low fat and low sugar - and yummy on my strawberries!!

I have got a morrisons own probiotic plain 1% yogurt in the fridge so will let you all know how that compares when i try that one

but stay away from the fat free flavoured yogurts cos they are full of sugar and will make you want to over eat

hey hun

150g strawberries is 0.5 points in the book, but i usually have 100g and still count it as 0.5

Then my fave is the indiviual pots of Total 0% Greek yogurt - which are 1 point

or half pot of the big yogurt pots (fatfree or alpro soya) are 2 points

or indiviual shapers fat free yogurt is 1 point per pot

Then i sometimes put 50g of no added sugar alpen museli in it as well which is 2.5 points

Total - 4 or 5 points - and fills me up till lunch and is so yummy!!

Thanks. I am having oats for breakfast everyday and need to change and your yogurts sounds lovely.[/quot

do u have the oatsosimple? i love apple & blueberry i had those all the time last yr when i did ww but they never filled me up for long

im gonna try some different breakfasts each week so i will give u loads a new ideas! x
OK its still day 4 and i have had extra seafood in my pasta at dinner and i also had an extra slice of soreen today too - but i did earn 5 points at the gym so its still ok

i had 20 points today which has annoyed me cos i did make a plan to only eat my 18 points and the food i have chosen in advanced - but i suppose it could be worse

i know it seems a little OTT but its just 9.5 weeks left now before bikini day so a little bit of sacrifice now will mean the world if i hit my goal!!

i will hit the gym tomorrow too to defo make sure those extra points today affect my loss - im so paranoid its not going to work this time cos i have lost and regained this weight so many times my body may be sick to death of me and decide its gonna make my life alot harder this time!!! lets hope im worrying for nothing xxx


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Gabrielle27;1446478 do u have the oatsosimple? i love apple & blueberry i had those all the time last yr when i did ww but they never filled me up for long im gonna try some different breakfasts each week so i will give u loads a new ideas! x[/quote said:
Yes. I love all flavors and found that for 1.5 or 2 points they are the lowest points option for breakfast I can think off. I am not really a toast person so oatsosimple is the quickest I can do.

will be looking into your diary everyday for that bfast ideas:)
OK todays menu - Day 5: Sunday 29th March

brekkie - 60g alpen no added sugar museli & 1/4 pint skimmed milk -3.5 points

lunch - wholemeal pitta bread, light mayo, chicken strips, salad
5 points

dinner - ww fresh fish pie with green beans & strawberries with alpro soya light cream for dessert!
6 points

snacks - slice of soreen, a flump & pear
3.5 points

total - 18 points

I will earn 4 activity points today at the gym when I go for my run!
Day 6 (still week 1 bloody hell this has been a very long week!!)

OK 2 more days of me being extra good and then i can finally see if the scale has gone down!!

food plan today is.....

breakfast - 60g alpen no added sugar museli - 3 points
1/4 pint skimmed milk - 0.5 points
100g strawberries - 0.5 points

lunch - wholemeal pitta bread, 75g chicken strips & salad with slither of light mayo - 4.5 points

dinner - cod fillet, green beans, tartar sauce (made with light mayo, lemon juice & dill) - 3 points

snacks - pear, ww hula hoops, soreen & sf jelly with alpro cream - 4.5 points

Total - 16 points

Activity points....
1 hour workout DVD with light weights - 3 points
5k run at the gym - 4 points

Good day ahead today - and im gonna stay focused and remain this good till my holiday cos i know its gonna be so worth it!!!


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Didn't realize you had a food diary, your menus are yummy!
Didn't realize you had a food diary, your menus are yummy!
hello chick - yeah i thought i better put my food in this section after seein all the others - mmm i love all the food i can have on this plan its great! was so sick of atkins food - ww rocks!!

i actually have to admit that my pal came over earlier with a bag of mini jafa cakes and i had 2 - how many points is that does anyone know??? they were very tiny!
i have spare points cos i only ate 15



Don't worry, be happy :)
hey hun just checked the tesco website for the mini jaffa cakes and they are 25cals and 0.6 sat fat per biscuit so two work out at 1 point, keep up the good work. x
hey hun just checked the tesco website for the mini jaffa cakes and they are 25cals and 0.6 sat fat per biscuit so two work out at 1 point, keep up the good work. x
hey thanks soooo much - phew thats great news - dunno how i managed to eat only 2 thou, i could have easily done the whole bag!!!! i was good thou xx
OK so Day 7 - last day of my 1st ww week!!

Brekkie - no added sugar alpen & skimmed milk & coffee & a pear- 4.5 points

lunch - 3 egg white ommlette, with 1/4 reduced fat matthesons smoked sausage & mushrooms - 3.5 points

dinner - Baked salmon fillet with broccoli & laughing cow light cheese triangle (i like spreading the cheese on my broccoli!) then sf jelly & alpro cream - 4.5 points

snacks -ww hula hoops, bag of dried apricots & soreen - 3.5 points

Total - 16 points

So that is todays plan ... and for my exercise

Activity points earned:
1 hour cardio (exercise DVD) - 3 points

Weigh in tomorrow!! xx
45 mins cross trainer at the gym - 3 points
finally i completed my first week - so here is my menu for day 1 of week 2!!

Breakfast - shapers yogurt, 60g museli - 4 points

lunch - 1/4 mattheson reduced fat smoked sausage & 3 egg whites with worcester sauce (ommlette) - 3.5 points

dinner - ww macaroni cheese meal (fridge one) & pear - 6.5 points

snack - ww hula hoops, flump & bag of apricots - 3 points

Total - 17 points

I am having a day off exercise today but I am going to walk later to my brothers which will take 30mins - and i am going to do some shopping today so there will be a fair bit of walking

hope you all have a lovely sunny day - i will post my wi results in my diary today xx
Hey peeps! here is my food plan for today - Day 2 - week 2

Breakfast - Danone shapers blueberry yogurt - 1 point

Lunch - 3 egg white ommlette with 1/4 mattheson sausage (reduced fat) & a pear - 4 points

Dinner - Cod fillet & green beans & tartar sauce (made light mayo, lemon juice & dill), sf jelly with alpro cream - 4 points

Snacks - 100g strawberries, slice of soreen malt loaf, & banana -
3 points

Total - 12 points (I know its low but im makin up for last night!)

Exercise .....
9k Run on treadmill (60 mins) - 6 points
Yoga - 3 points ( iam guessing for an hours session?)

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