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Gah - All I wanna do is EAT!


I see the light!
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I think am having one of those weeks, am guessing its something to do with * week brewing. All I wanna do is eat, anything and everything. Everytime I get the urge am eating fruit, must have eaten a tonne of it today. I still feel bloated and full tho. I hate this week and hope that I dont hamper weigh in on wednesday, as I put on this week due to holiday. Have had 7 syns today, but know if I have extra syns I will still want to eat other stuff - why do hormones make us like this!!! Am drinking loads so know it isnt thirst, just me being me. Previous to SW I would have worked my way through the biscuit barrel and then possibly the loaf of bread with anything on it!! So positively I am eating better, but it still infuriates me! How do you others get through it?

Helen xxx
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Me too! I want to have a binge. It's terrible -maybe just go to bed?


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Me three! Thankfully its a green day, find them best when im a hungry frame of mind
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I had popcorn at the cinema, and a bigmac and fries yesterday evening - what a disaster! And its made me want to eat all day today. So I totally know where you are coming from.

In the end I decided the only way to get round it was just to eat until I was stuffed, so this evening I had the worlds biggest stirfry that consisted of: 1 onion, 2 carrots, 1 courgette, 1 pepper, 1/2 packet green beans, 2 chicken breasts, and brown rice. It was two plates worth and I ate the lot (I originally only intended eating half). Now I'm full. Worth trying something like this?

And I must remind myself that eating junk justs makes life difficult the next day!


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i agree with mrsrobinson!! when i find i am even remotely craving something naughty i have a superfree/free food feast!! i find it an excellent way to get rid of cravings and always feel full and satisfied after :) xx
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Yup, same as Mrs Robinson and Emma-Louise, I make huge free/low syn feasts and go nuts :p I did this the other night coz I felt super crap and just wanted to eat. So I made a mountain of pasta with Quorn mince, veggies, and tinned tomato's. Was nommy and stopped me eating crap :)

How about some SW chips??
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SW chips are a good idea. They feel really naughty but they're not. Really filling too...
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When I get this urge I paint my nails! Keeps my mind busy and stop me picking at things because I don't want to smudge the polish.
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When I get this urge I paint my nails! Keeps my mind busy and stop me picking at things because I don't want to smudge the polish.
Hey now, that is a good idea!


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I'm totally un-girly. If I had painted my nails and was hungry I'd be sod it, remove the varnish after smudging it everywhere.

Fail at the girly side of life :p
i know im in trouble when i start drooling over the cakes in the shops * week is such a pain, i have been putting hot chilli sauce on my food i find the spice "burn" takes my mind off the sweet things


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It would appear my * week is coming, and after going out drinking last night, today is one of those days where I feel like I need to eat myself out of house and home. I'm going to attempt not to, but I'm not making any promises! :D


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About a week before my period I have a few moments, and then normally one full day, where my stomach is a bottomless pit and even as I finish my meals I'm thinking "What can I eat now? I'm ravenous"
It's no joke, I really can't get satisifed. Anyway, I eat SW-friendly stuff now whereas before I was likely to feel totally out of control. Anyone know why our appetites go crazy like this? xx
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Top tip when you're about to eat a load of naughties.... sum up all your strength and go brush your teeth.
Then you can't eat because everything will taste nasty. Hopefully in half an hour the urge to eat will have gone :)

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