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Gah! Crisis.. Sugar free squash?


Ready for the new me!
This is just becoming a habit now but my LLC wasnt sure and had to check the book (tbh im really nervous that she didnt know..) and i thought you could but are we allowed squash on week 2? I just was glancing at week 3 and it says "Fruit Juice 100% not cordial or squash" so am i allowed it? Panicking like a mad head now because ive had atleast a glass a day since tuesday. Help me :( x
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Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Babes... relax!! :)

We are now re-introducing food, so even if it's not 'allowed' officially... if it's not done you any harm having the glass full a day, then it's fine... In a few months we will have reintroduced everything back in anyway, so please don't stress, you're gonna go crazy!

I was under the impression you could have low cal and fat free drinks from week 1 of RTM... that's no-added-sugar squashes, diet fizzy drinks, that kinda thing... :)

So, if it's not effecting your weight, and you're staying the same (which is the aim for long term maintenance after all), then stick with it... you're doing it right! :D



Ready for the new me!
Thank you so much darling :) lol i literally gave a sigh of relief as your totally right. Im just soo nervous of this, ive been nearly in tears lol. Its just she hadnt a clue and i feel its like the blind leading the blind here at the moment.
I get the feeling not many do RTM with her as she didnt even have the other book/cds but bless her she did get me a mans journal to fill in.

Yeh im still the same as far as i can tell.. i drink alot so probably best not to check until tomorrow hehe. Thank you though! Sending massive hugs to you right now my saviour :D. xxx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Aww hunny... I know, it's a total minefield and if you've got a counsellor who seems to know less than you do... well, no wonder you're getting anxious! I am finding the idea that I am no longer trying to lose weight, one of the hardest things to get my head around!

For half my life I've been looking at the scales every morning, holding my breath and hoping they will be lower! So it's totally crazy to now stand on them, hoping it reads the same as the day before! It's a totally different world... but one we should embrace! We're at goal... which means we've done it, and it's now all about maintaining. So we need to test our bodies, in this healthy controlled way of RTM, but my LLC was telling me it is an intentional part of RTM that it's a bit vague on portion sizes etc... as we need to do this for ourselves, it's a tool we need to develop.

So, enjoy your squash! ;)

I'm glad you are feeling a bit better about it now anyway... seriously, drop me a line any time... we are doing this together, and it's great that we're here for each other... :D

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Ready for the new me!
Thank you so much sweetheart :) i wish i had your brain right now lol! Im starting to think you should be my councillor instead because you make alot more sense and know more hehe.

Its incredibly frightening isnt it? I do exactly the same and i shouldnt.. i usually wait till weigh day but im checking it hasnt gone up and im not sure why.. as it has no reason to suddenly sore back up 8 stone!

I always thought this would be the easiest part for me but im making it the hardest as the no portion sizes worrys me, and im going down the route of being over controling and its only week 2! so im going to stop worrying and relax into it because if i start making things issues im gonna end up with a blooming eating disorder i swear lol.
I had a good sleep and thought about what you said and a meditate to clear the dust and im going to do this because yeh weve done it and this is the part to enjoy :).

Thank you so much though huni, im glad weve got each other on this final length of our journey i really am :). I hope your weeks going well so far. x


Tough But Sexy X
Great support and words of encouragement pinks, keep at it girls you are a real inspiration xxxx

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