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GailyT's EE Diary - advice/suggestions welcome!

Hello all,

I'm new to this forum and although I've done SW before, I am trying the EE plan this time. I've been doing it for a bit more than a week now and to be honest, it seems a bit too good to be true.

I'm going to try and post my diary every evening; my internet connection is a bit sporadic but I will try my best to get on!

Any advice, or suggestions would be more than welcome. More than anything, I would just like someone to look over what I am eating and kinda give me the 'ok'!


0% fat Greek yogurt
Aldi light hot choc sachet - 2 SYNS
Vanilla, cherry and choc sprinkles Muller - 2 SYNS

Tuna in brine
1.5 tbsp Heinz mayo light - 3 SYNSish

Kinder snack choc bar - 3 SYNS

Roast potato cubes (like SW chips)
Chopped tomatoes
Chilli flakes
Mixed herbs
Fry Light

When I write it down like that, it looks like an awful lot!

Thanks folks.
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Tomato and herb Mugshot x 2

Homemade crisps - potato
fry light
black pepper

Virtually fat free yogurt
Light hot choc sachet x 2 - 4 SYNS
1 tsp sweetener

Pear x 2

Italian chicken bake - Chopped tomatoes
Roast chicken
Chilli flakes
HEX A Cheese
Vanilla Muller light yogurt


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Hiya! To be honest i don't think you're getting the one third superfree food requirement right.

Yesterday, did you have mugshots for breakfast or was that lunch? If you skipped breakfast then I would advise you really need to make time for one.

The only superfree foods you had yesterday were some grapes, pears, onion and tomatoes. So you really need to boost these up at EVERY meal.

Also you don't seem to have had a HEB on either day, and you should also try and have a minimum of 5 syns a day.

If you have any questions just give a shout!

Mrs V

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Have a look through some of the other Food Diaries on here Hun to give you some ideas of what the others are eating.
I agree with Circes though, you arent eating nearly enough.


Tomato and herb Mugshot
2 oranges

Leftovers of Chicken pasta bake with cheese - HEX A

W/meal wrap

Rice pudding - 6 SYNS
SW Crisps

Salsa toasted twister from KFC - Not sure how many SYNS
About 40 SYNS worth of low fat ice cream...not a great day, but hey ho!

I have read on these forums that many people like to save their SYNS for a treat at some point during the week. I also read in one of the SW publications, all be it a while ago, that this was ,at least then, allowed by SW and is something I used to do successfully.
From Monday onwards, I am going to try and keep my SYNS to a minimum whilst making sure that I have both of my HEXs each day.

Chilli - Beef mince

SW Wedges

Muller light yoghurts

Tzatziki - Fat free natural yoghurt
Colman's Mint Sauce
SW crisps

Apples, bananas

Pear x2

Left over of yesterday's chilli

Salsa Toasted Twister from KFC - 30 SYNS?
Crispy Strip - 10 SYNS? Not sure about that one.

Another not massively great day yesterday, my partner was off work sick and because I didn't feel overly great myself I didn't cook anything for dinner.

We had to go out early evening and visit someone, then go into town so by 8pm we were hungry, headachy and feeling a wee bit sorry for ourselves. Anyway, this resulted in us getting a KFC rather than cook when we got back..to be honest, although I know it's not great, I'm not too worried about it cos my choice wasn't too bad and I'll just be extra good the rest of the week.

Roll on Tuesday!!

W/meal pitta bread
50g Philadelphia light - counted 4 SYNS

Tinned Tomatoes
2 Apples

Mushroom risotto
2 Mullerlights

SW Crisps with SW Tzatziki
Tuesday 24/08

Ok, back again after a bit of faffing around, a couple of weeks of WW and a good bit of being a pig!

I'm gonna go back to writing on here what I eat each day so I can keep track of things. I think it might be good to look back as I go on too.

I'm also going to plan my meals for the week (for budgeting, as well as SW) so I'm more organised.

Plans for today:

BREAKFAST: Half galia melon, apple, Fat free Activia yogurt.

LUNCH: Baked potato, beans and cheese (HEXa),
Grapes, blueberries, Banana, Fat Free greek yog.

Dinner: Meatballs and spaghetti - 1 syns
Parmesan - 3 syns
Apple, melon. FF yogurt.
45g bag choco m&ms - I'm going for 11 syns, the same as the peanut ones until I know better!
I'll be on again tonight to add any updates!

15 Syns
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Wednesday 25/8

Plans for today: GREEN DAY

BREAKFAST: Half galia melon, blueberries
grapes with FF Greek yogurt

LUNCH: Baked potato
2 Mini pots extra light Philly - 4

DINNER: Chicken Biryani (Schwartz) - 2
FF Greek yogurt
Fruit with FF Activia yogurt.

I will be on tonight to add any changes etc of I need to.
Thursday 26/8

BREAKFAST: 1 honeydew melon, FF Activia yogurt

LUNCH: SW chips, spicy mushy peas, FF yog

DINNER: Pasta,mixed roasted veg, tinned tomatoes, cheese HexA x 2
FF yog

Parmesan - 10? I put quite a lot on but I haven't had any other syns today.

Snack on fruit.
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Friday 27/8 - Green day

BREAKFAST: Fat free Activia yogurts

LUNCH: Pasta bake (left from yesterday) - HexA
Spicy potatoes

DINNER: Baked potato

Snack on fruit.

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