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gaining after a bad week!

That happened to me two weeks ago and 2lbs of it had come off this morning Grrrr to * week bloat! Xx

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I used to gain a lot even when I stuck to plan, my consultant couldn't understand/explain it. Thankfully third time around I'm doing really well...odd!


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7lb after Christmas!! Saw it as a real setback and it took me a while to shift it again! It shocked me how my old habits that I thought had gone for good came back to haunt me!! I vowed I'd never do it again and then a few weeks ago gained 5.5lb after 10 days of overindulgence, but I applied myself and the following week I lost 5.5lb which was amazing!! I think we've got to make a decision out of 3 choices before embarking on a holiday or mad eating frenzy: Whether to just go for it and vow to ourselves that we will correct the damage whatever it is, to exercise damage limitation (let ourselves have slip-ups but be pretty restrained on the whole) or whether to be very virtuous and stick to plan the whole way through! The last option is the ideal one, but I strongly believe that we have to allow ourselves breaks otherwise we'd go stir crazy and resent it!! X


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0.5lb is the most I have put on as of yet (twice), but I am sure I'll be hit by a very bad week before long and put on far more than that!

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