Gall Stones


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i would really apreciate it if someone could help me out, i think i may have gall stones, and i was wondering if anyone else has had them here?

These are my symptoms...

Sometimes it starts by feeling as though my bra is too tight, but its not, then other times i am alseep and i get woken up by a HORRIBLE starts on my right side, under my boobs and kind of builds up and spreads to the left. I was so worried the first time that i went to A&E and they told me i had a torn muscle ( which i KNEW it wasnt!) and not to do excersise and the next time i went to the doctor she told me i had probly been exersising to much and to be honest the only excersise i do is walk about a mile a day...the thing is, by the time i have made the doc's apaointment the pain is gone and sometimes doesnt come back for months....I just cant express hhow much it hurts!

The thing that confuses me is that i am only 19 and not THAT over weight .. Probly 1 Stone, so not really the typical victim of gall stones, my diet has changed recently, since i moved out into my own that may be something to do with it? please help, i am so desperate, i dont even feel i can go back to the doctors becuase she doesnt belive me.... :(


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