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gallstones doing lighter life


starting over
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Not yet!
I have heard that it is a risk, but more related to being overweight in the first place than LL itself. Its a worry for me because I am experiencing a few pains in my side/tummy and its only day 5 - hoping this is just due to lack of food.


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yes i know people at my slimming world group who had gall stones (even my consultant) so i think its more to do with being over weight.


starting over
S: 93kg C: 91kg G: 75kg BMI: 28.7 Loss: 2kg(2.15%)
That's good to know cathiec. How are you getting on with Slimming World? I've just started LighterLife and its quite drastic - can be a bit worrying...


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i didn`t have it before LL then got it once i started lighter life... i just thought its some thing to look out for
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when i went for my initial meeting with ll, gallstones were mentioned as a possible side effect. seems 2 girls in my rtm group had them. i know anyone can have them but for ll to mention it in their poss side effects seems to me its higher than other diets. just my opinion and it hasnt put me off. lighterlife all the way!! xx


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Gallstones are very common during weightloss, you might get them faster during a VLCD since gallstones come when a large amount of weight is lost. You must drink a lot of water and go see your doctor to get them removed.

Best of luck

nutty me

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After losing 4 stone, I started with the pain and found to have gallstones . I am having my gallbladder removed on Wednesday. After talking to my consultant the likelyhood is that people can have them for ages and not know especcially when overweight. For some reason rapid weight loss can exacerbate the problem. Once removed and recovered I can return to LL to complete my weight loss if i want to.
Good luck Nutty,
Come back after your op and tell us how you are.
Lucky you lost the 4 stone first or they'd probably say you needed to lose weight before your operation!
I was hal expecting to get them after my weight loss. I've been lucky so far.

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