Gary rhodes 7 day weight watchers meal planner


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Hi everyone , so for those of you who buy the daily mail what do you think of the recipes ?
In all fairness I don't think it's something that I could afford to eat judging by the shopping list !
This is the 7day meal planner
Toast with banana ginger and yogurt 4
Salmon with tomato and herb salad 6pp
Tomato soup spaghetti and meatballs9pp
Bacon and egg salad9pp
Prawn cucumber sandwiches with chive cream and tomato dressing7pp
Seared duck à l'orange9pp
Fiery mustard on toast 2pp
Thick banana and coconut smoothie3pp
Tiger prawns tomatoes with basil and garlic mayonnaise6pp
Smoked haddock topped with egg and melted cheese6pp
Fennel asparagus grapefruit and apple 2pp
Burnt lamb chops with sweet peppers and onions10pp
Sweetcorn pancakes 4pp
Cauliflower and mushroom curry 4pp
Salmon skewers with low fat pistachio lime yogurt 11pp
Grilled tuna with a niçoise salad 4pp
Smoked salmon and poached egg muffins 7pp
Steak Diane 3pp
Pea pancakes and grilled bacon7pp
Cod poached in a tarragon broth3pp
Chicken ham and mushroom pie11pp
Raspberry clafoutis5pp
Vanilla pear and peach salad 1pp

Now I might be cultured enough or it may just be the northern lass in me but I'd never think of having some of these meals as a daily meal plan (hate fish so the 8 fish dishes is out the window ) . Bearing in mind all these dishes are set to make 4 servings so I can guess that fish is going to be expensive for some . I don't know maybe it's me but I was expecting something a bit more original , they seem to resturanty to me and they don't look that appetising ? What's your thoughts ?
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I expected it to be like that coming from a TV chef (not a criticism or a compliment) but also because the one last year was similar. It'd be helpful if they did single portions rather than 'serves 4' but I do like the sound of the smoothie in it :) The portions also didn't look too large and as though you'd be hungry PLUS no room for snacks is useless if you're a snacker.


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Yeah in.the book it says how you could spread your points throughout each meal and then there was only 2 pp left for a snack . I think it could be quite expensive to follow and tears on top of the weekly fee .


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I was also disappointed in this, oh rushed out to get it for me so I could meal plan this week. I think Tanya Ramseys will be better - hers are described as "family friendly" so I think they will less complex and fussy :)


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I bought the paper then realised they don't have these wee mags in the irish one. I was disappointed as thought they'd be great to keep for when visitors come for something out of the ordinary :-(


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I went to the shops to get it and found they has sold out (must be a lot of people needing WW round here lol.) But i guess most of the recipes will be on their website which i find really helpful anyway. And although new to this site most people seem to have some fab recipe ideas that are better than anything i have read in the book anyway.


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Well unless one catches my eye then i don't think I'll be buying it again as i don't even read that paper and i know its only 90p but it could be 90p spent on something better . Im not knocking the chefs but i think people on here could of come up with better .

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Today's with Jean-Christophe Novelli was slightly better- still expensive but more appetising meals and days. :/


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IreneH said:
But what a bother having to go to WHSmith or Tesco to get the booklet.

Cost me £3.20 for the bus fares.

Irene xx

So you have to get it elsewhere now and not in the newspaper ? X

LittleMissThin 17

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S: 12st4lb C: 9st7lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 2st11lb(22.67%)
There's a voucher in the Mail which you give to the cashier in Smiths and the Customer Service in Tesco in exchange for the booklet. Not really free :/ Both times they didn't want the voucher and gave me the booklets- the only better thing is someone can't just pinch the freebie like someone did with today's SW booklet in my Mirror (only noticing on the train looking for it).


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I got excited when I was given a copy of this and then realised how impractical and expensive it would be. Not great.