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Gastric Band Hypnosis


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Has anyone ever hear of one going under hypnosis and believing they had a gastric band fitted.
i read last week of a lady who had several sessions and in the final session they set up the room with smells like a hospital and simulated an operation. When she went home she felt a tightening in her tummy and could only eat small portions. It did not give an address of where this was done. It sounds like a great option.
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i heard of this a while ago.
sounds a good idea but not sure about it working.
would be great if it did then we could all be slim without having to take drastic measures x
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I studied Clinical Hypnosis which this would come under. It would work certainly for a while, but thats only if you are serious about losing weight in the first place. Hypnosis can't force you into doing something you don't really want to do. So unless you work out the reasons you are fat or over eating and understand them it probably would fail. Not everyone is fat just because the eat a lot. My problem was that I had a lot of unwanted attention as a child and a teenager, which I won't go into here and because of that I used food to become unattractive to men. It worked for a long time and I think its only because I mentally feel in control of my life at last that I can lose the weight. Personally I would think carefully before paying money out on this. You would also need to go back for re-inforcing sessions. But each to there own. This is just my opionion and as always there are many different sides to everything.


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Just a few notes on this subject. I saw you post twice on this matter so thinking that you must really be considering this.

Firstly, there are lots of steps people go through before considereing a gastric band, even if it is an hypnosis one. I think that Lipotrim is for those that have not come to that stage yet. For me Lipotrim is more drastic compared to other diets as you cut food out completely.

If anyone has heard this or considered it then you might find them on the surgery forum where people who have had surgery or are considering it post on.

Secondly, looking at your stats you are not as big as those that would consider this. The kind of goal you are aiming for is very easy to reach on Lipotrim. As far as your signature states, you only have 10lbs to your goal. Even if you have 30-40lbs it is possible in a short time.

Personally I think that if the human brain was tricked so easily then the world would be in caos. I dont think it will work and I think it would be a waste of money.

Sorry It's not a positive post. Good Luck with what ever you decide.


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It's not my kind of thing. I think losing weight has to come from within yourself without any outside influences, whether it be family, friends, hypnosis, whatever.

Saying that my Grandma went to one in order to stop the cigs. I went with her. I thought I'd give it a try while I was there, and he said he couldn't hypnotise me! He said I could hypnotise him, but he couldn't me! He said he felt as if my eyes were looking into his soul! I thought he was full of crap.

G.Im.happy, your story is so sad. Sorry to hear you had those horrible experiences. It's great that you're taking control of your life and not letting other people control you.

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