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  1. garymack

    garymack Full Member

    Ive not been on here in a while, I was making good progress last year, felt like I was getting somewhere, then.......Boom........ got and injury or two, or three........

    No matter what I did id finally get rid of one niggling problem and then there would be another................I ended up getting a bit P'd off and frustrated.......which meant a gain in my wait for the umpteenth time.

    But now after some physio and some proper rest, im ready to go again!

    The last time I was here I never started a diary, but feel it will help me this time.........allowing me to keep track of things and also to let me look back when/if things get tough

    A good nights sleep tonight, then on it like donkey kong tomorrow!!
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  3. garymack

    garymack Full Member

    Got up early this morning so I could prepare some breakfast before heading for work, been having a shake most mornings but feel it wasnt filling me enough so tried having solid food......

    BREAKFAST: two free range eggs scrambled, two slices of wholemeal bread

    Took 3x 1.5ltr bottles of water with me to work and drank as much as possible to curb any hunger bouts...............seemed to work as I never had lunch till 13:30

    LUNCH: 2 scoops strawberry whey, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, half a banana, 2 strawberrys and a sachet of instant oats..........all blended together with water to make a tasty shake

    After finishing work I went straight to the gym..........find this 10x easier than going home first, where I sit down and end up not bothering lol

    Did 15mins on the treadmill at 7mph then 5mins on the rower before heading home, gonna do some weights at home tonight as the gym was mega busy

    DINNER : 2 small chicken breasts on wholemeal bread with some sweetpotato mash

    Havent had a chance to weigh myself yet, will try and get this done tomorrow so I have a number for the start of the diary
  4. garymack

    garymack Full Member

    Had two days very similar to the first day, but today I went for a game of touch rugby with the lads instead of the gym, exhausted now though lol

    Finally got round to weighing myself today after ordering in some scales (didnt have a set in the house)

    I weighed my self at my mother in laws last saturday and was 16st I was 16st 3lbs

    Not much but a start
  5. garymack

    garymack Full Member

    Been getting on alright this week, kept up my running after work and had first day of pre-season on saturday , where we had our base fitness tested( got 125secs on the 500m shuttle race and level 60 on the bleep test).............wasnt fun, but struggled with the 500m last year and only got 40 on the bleep

    Had a kids bday party on the sunday where I let myself go a wee bit, had a hotdog and quite a few sticks with pickles/chees and cocktail sausages :-(

    After that I was back on it today, with scrambled egg for breaky, soup for lunch and chicken breast, sweet potato and veg for for 23mins non stop on the new personal best, legs like jelly and a wee lie down after it though lol

    Still struggling with my water intake............anyone got any tips on getting more water in.........tbh I just dont enjoy the taste, but I do feel the benefits when I drink more
  6. garymack

    garymack Full Member

    Had a weigh in on thursday and was exactly the same as last week (16st, 3lbs), was annoyed for about 5mins then realised id felt better in my trousers and looked slightly better in the mirror...............had 4 2hr traing sessions this week so not gonna get P'd off at myself as my weight might not have changed but my bodyfat might have

    Also signed up with a PT yesterday so hopefully he will help give me a further boot up the bum.

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