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Gemma's Diary xx wi Thursday xx

Morning all,
some of you may no me from the ww forum,but i have decied to make a break and join a different slimming group as i have done ww for many years and lost 3 stone,but as i no the diet like the back of my hand i keep cheating.
So i have never done sw and i joined the meeting last night,it looks really good i cant believe you can eat so much and loose.
so i hope i can loose the weight and enjoy my self with sw.:D
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Hi Gem, I think it's good to have a change sometimes. It's like a new start with new enthusiasm. I'm on a similar diet to slimming world....slightly different, but I'm really enjoying it so far. Good luck with it x

I am like you, lost 2 stone on ww and then lost the will to do the diet anymore (tired of points) but really like sw. I find it a much healthier way of eating (for me).



Strong women stay slim
Hi Gemma , hehe hey you keep jumping around on here :) , which diet this time I say lol , I know what you mean diets can get boring , I have done SW its a good diet , I saw in my paper yesterday that the joining is £5 off , did you get that deal . we have so many groups in my town . Which days do you like best , meat or pasta ? I'm back on CD for now lol
thanks for all the welcomes i have been swapping lately but now i am here with you all!!
Can anyone help me on red days can you have pasta but in your syns? just i cant find it?
You can use pasta as a HEB.....I've switched from WW to SW and found it so strange not thinking in points any more, you just have to completely forget what you did with WW.


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morning gem, hope you continue to be as successful on SW as you were on WW, good luck hun

sue xxx


Strong women stay slim
Hi Gem , you will have it down to a fine art soon :)
Soon be holiday time and you should be a stone down
Day one nearly over with and i feel really good,cant believe how full i feel,you can eat so much more then ww :)
I am working in the bakers tommorrow just made all my pack lunch so i dont eat the cakes :rolleyes:


Strong women stay slim
Which bakers Gem ? I used to work in simmons on a saturday , well I started SW when I was working there , but do you know cos i really wanted to lose weight I did it , my boss said to me , you will never do it and do you know that really got to me , and it made me want todo it even more , and I lost 1 stone and half , mind over matter so true !
i work in a bakers on the Isle of Sheppey,where my parents live so i spend a night there and work aswell.
I am normally very good,i have got all my food sorted for the day so i am sure i will be fine :)

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