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Gemma's Food Diary

I'm writing down on here every single time something passes my lips, rather than waiting til the end of the day as I might end up forgetting what I ate! Here goes...

Breakfast: 1 banana mixed into a banana & custard muller light, with a large glass of orange squash.

A tasty and surprisingly filling FREE breakfast, this might be a good idea for breakfasts at work.
Lunch: 2x egg omelette with 1 slice of ham
Frozen grapes to snack
All free.

The omelette was ok but i much prefer it with cheese quite dry without- probably worth using a HEx

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Tea: Chicken tikka masala with sauce from a jar (11.0) microwave rice (1.5) naan bread (8.0)

Also had 2x Alpen bars (HEx) as a snack earlier.

After tea I had half a twirl (6.5) a fudge bar (3.0) And some salted pretzel sticks (5.0)

35 syns today! Not good at all but at least recording it all makes me accountable.

Half a twirl bar definitely isn't worth the 6.5 syns in my eyes so I'll be steering clear in future, but I do think fudge bars are okay for 3.0
Will be looking up the free SW curry for next week with no naan and boil in the bag rice- a little extra effort in my cooking would've saved me 20.5 syns today!!!!

Weigh in tomorrow (crikey) so not expecting much. Will be going to the gym in the morning to counter all the syns from today! Tomorrows a new day.

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WI today = 9st 5 // 133lbs
So pleased with that as it is 2.2lbs off last week!
Firmly under 9 & a half stone and will not let it creep back up.
Am going to the gym this morning so will have my matcha tea and a banana mixed in yoghurt for breakfast
Had a banana mixed with toffee yoghurt for breakfast, almost like banoffee pudding!
Didn't go to the gym but did some exercises at home.

A bit of brie (HEx) with 2 ryvita sweet chilli thins for a snack (3.0 syns)

Going to a bbq in a couple hours, planning to have new potatoes or sweet potatoes with a burger on wholemeal bun (4.5 syns) (bun as HEx) 1x sausage (4.5 syns) and maybe some chicken.

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130.8lbs today!
2.2 lbs off this week!

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