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Geordie Shore

Just wondered, has anybody else been watching this?
I watched the first episode, missed last nights but have sky+'d the whole series so will catch up tonight.

I am mortified. What a bunch of idiot's they make us northerners look!
They make us out to be common as muck! There are just two people in the whole programme I like, Vicky and Greg. The rest appear to be self-obsessed tarts..and that's just the guys! However, something keeps drawing me in and wanting to watch more.

Just wondered if anyone else has been watching it, and what your opinions are?
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My thoughts exactly! Some of the stuff they've been up to is outrageous - and that's just what I've seen from the first episode! Will catch up with last nights tonight, and see how they've embarrassed us this time!

Dont get me wrong, there are some genuinely nice people on there , Vicky and Greg, but the rest of them are complete idiots.

It really annoys me that they are painting such a bad picture of us. Anyone who is not from up North is given this stereotype of us - we're not all like that, believe me!!


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I think it also makes people outside the uk think that women here are very loose and up for anything. They give women a bad name and dont seem to understand that people watching them are not laughing with them but at them x


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But it's so true to life. Anyone who's ever visited Newcastle - and especially the Bigg Market on a Saturday night will vouch for this.

(South of the Tyne in County Durham:D)
I finally got round to watching the first one on sky+ last night and OMG I was so shocked at both the lads and girls, its so put on surely? I agree though Vicky and Greg seem the most genuine. I wanted to turn it off after 10 mins but I just couldn't lol.
Just caught up on Tuesday night's Geordie Shore, where we begin to see a different side of Greg! Also starting to warm to Charlotte a bit, and still loving Vicky :D

Can not get enough of it - although half of them are complete plonkers!!Just something about it


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I'm not sure it's really real life! I think just like This is Airssix that it's partly scripted. I watched it through my fingers I couldn't believe it lol.
You think you're safe south of the Tyne Steve??? hhhmmmm
Well maybe! It's a long drive from Surrey!
I've only been to the Bigg Market once I was amazed that the boys kept their ciggie packs rolled into the t shirt sleeves!
I was very overdressed though wearing tights AND a coat! lol
I'm not sure. MTV has said that it's all completely real and not at all scripted. To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me if it was all real - you genuinely do see them out and about exactly as they are on the programme..their parents must be so proud, LOL. But I guess you never can be sure, just look at The Hills and TOWIE..


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Car crash tv.

I love it!


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I only saw 20 minutes of the 2nd episode I think, if it's all totally real you have to wonder where their brains are that a girl would go off to "The Guest Room" a few short minutes after getting there! If that's what they would do on a regular night out fair play (It's their life I'm not gonna bah humbug!) BUT to do it in front of (their parents, grannies etc) the viewing public is not very respectful of themselves as a person!
Maybe that's just me!
LOL, that's Geordie lasses for you. I'm not sure, it could be scripted. But I also think that knowing it's being filmed, and that the people on the show are now "famous" in Newcastle, the girls are probably doing it for a bit of "fame". Not sure if that even makes sense but yeah, LOL.
Absolute trash tv, but I love it :D
I love it!! But then again I love TOWIE, The Hills etc too. I can't get into the Made in Chelsea though and I've never watched Jersey Shore either. Anyone watched either of those?
Love TOWIE!! (As you can tell by my avatar hehe :p)
Have never liked The Hills, although I used to be a massive fan of Laguna Beach!
Have seen bits of Jersey Shore, but I can't seem to stick with it. And like you, just cannot seem to get into Made in Chelsea.


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PMSL - there are as many geordies in Geordie Shore as there are in Cornwall!

Two of the main protaganists are from Middlesbrough & Sunderland!!

Those of you not familiar of local social history/politics might not notice the difference. Almost the equivalent of seeing the reverand Ian Paisley at the Vatican!

Wow! Have completely changed my opinion on this.

I started off disliking almost everyone in the house, apart from Vicky and Greg. Now I can safely say, I cant stand Vicky! She is so two faced, and controlling.

On the other hand, I absolutely love Sophie and Charlotte, and I feel really sorry for Holly - I wish she hadn't left, but I understand her reasons.

Also beginning to warm to the rest of the guys! Gary not so much, but I love Jay and James! Feel so sorry for Jay - Vicky treats him like something she's trodden in. And James is hilarious!

As for Greg, I still love him. What a genuine, lovely fella :)

Hate to say it, but really starting to love the series, gutted there are only two episodes left! Only watched half of last nights episode, so need to catch up on that tonight.

Has anyone else's views changed, whether it be for the better or the worse?

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